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Merry & Bright Layout from Start to Finish

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities Blog Event)
I thought I’d take photos as I went through the process of making this layout, so you can see what I do from start to finish!
Merry & Bright:
I knew that I wanted to use one current scrapbooking collection, as they’re what I love right now, and are inspiring me lots, and I wanted to stick to one collection as it helps me scrapbook faster. 
So I held the photo up against the three collections I have the most of – My Mind’s Eye All is Bright, Pink Paislee’s City Sidewalks, and the Crate Paper Sleigh Ride Collection. You can probably tell I decided on the Sleigh Ride collecton… sorry I don’t have pics of the photo against the other collections, you’ll have to believe me that this one went best! 
Here’s the bits I picked out of Sleigh Ride that I thought I might like to use (plus a bit of red cardstock):
I wanted to use the piece of red cardstock behind the photo, as it helped the picture to stand out, and contrasted nicely with the ‘Blue Christmas’ background paper. So I moved the cardstock and photo around until I liked where it lay – I wanted the pattern on the background paper to look balanced:
Next I chose two pieces of 6×6 paper, and moved them about until I liked the placement – I didn’t want to cover up too much of the red cardstock or the blue patterned background:
Once I’d decided to put the 6×6 papers towards the base in the centre, I knew I’d want to fill some of the empty gap above them, so I picked up three tags and moved them about:

At this point I realised the photo was disappearing a bit – because the red cardstock and the tags were so bright, it meant they were standing out more than the photo. So I needed to mat the photo to give it a defined edge and help it show up more – I tried a few colours before choosing to mount it on patterned kraft:

I cut the mat for the photo, and then wanted to check what else I might want on the page, without sticking anything down yet. I chose a few cardstock stickers, and stuck 3D foam dots onto the back, but I kept the paper that protects the sticky bit on them, so I could move them about on the layout:
I also realised I needed somewhere to journal, so I cut a piece of stripy paper, rounded the corners, and tried it out at the side:
Which I decided looked good as long as I balanced it out with the ‘noel’ sticker popping off the other edge of the cardstock.
I wrote the journaling, which reads:
‘Christmas 2009 was lovely as you started to ‘get’ it! You loved the twinkly lights on the tree. And you had fun with all your presents, including a Disney Princess Kitchen – you kept making us pretend cups of tea. I loved seeing your smile!’
Now that I had everything where I wanted it, I started to stick it all together. I measured the red cardstock to make sure I had it in the centre:
I marked where it needed to go with pencil, and then stuck the journaling paper down first. I stuck the red cardstock on top, and then machine stitched all around it:
Then I worked out where the tags needed to go and drew rough pencil lines, but I made sure they were stuck on straight as I adhered them (sorry the colours on this photo are so bad):
I didn’t bother drawing pencil lines for anything else, I just stuck the 6×6 papers down, using a ruler to check they were centred as I placed them – the glue I use (Helmar Tape Runner) is removeable so I could take them off and try again if I did it wrong!
The stickers and gems were placed by eye:
I like the ‘All is Calm, All is Bright’ sticker, as that’s what the moment captured in the photo looks like, even though I know 30 seconds later Little Miss was running away from me to cause some mischief!
Be Inspired:
  • Use stripy paper to write your journaling on
  • Find a way to stop your stickers being sticky while you try to position them on your project
  • Use tags or a similar shape to fill an empty gap
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Is your process similar to mine? I’d love to know! 
See you again real soon! x

24 thoughts on “Merry & Bright Layout from Start to Finish”

  1. That looks great – and really interesting to see how you work. I’m going to have to revisit all of these again later when my visitors have gone home! Have a lovely day :o)


  2. Super layout…love the papers you chose! If I want to try a title for length and the letters have sticky backs I stick the very bottom of each letter to a clear ruler…then I can see if it will fit!! If it does I just tilt the ruler , press down the top of each letter and release the ruler and then press the bottom halves down!! This works for me!!


  3. Great insight into HOW a page comes together – the only thing I’d have done (apart from take twice as long moving stuff back and forth) would have been to gut that map paper behind the red cardstock – too goot to keep such a large piece covered up!Super page – and I love the thought that LM would have benn charging around just seconds later!


  4. Lovely LO and such a cute photo, thanks for sharing all the photos. I quite often take a photo when I’ve got everything in the right place before moving everything to stick the individual bits down otherwise I never get it back how I want it!


  5. Fascinating to see your creative process 🙂 I love to watch other people scrap – it gives such an insight into how they work! This came together beautifully 🙂


  6. This is a great way to do a layout. I’ve never done scrapbooking, but this method can eaisily translate to cardmaking.To make my stickers less sticky I place and peel it a couple of times off my wrist. The oils in your skin will make it less tacky. Just test it after each ‘peeling’ to see if it’s less tacky.


  7. I always love to see someone else’s process, whether it’s in video or photos like you’ve done. The kraft mat makes all the difference to keeping the photo the focus.


  8. I love the way you’ve used that tricky North Pole paper. I got some in the kit from Shimelle and fell in love with it but had no idea how to use it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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