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Wonderful Winter Hats

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities Blog Event)

One of the things I love about winter is that I can grab the duffel bag full of woolly hats, scarves, and gloves down from the top of the wardrobe, and start wearing them again! I’ll admit I’m less excited about the gloves since we had children and I have to spend ages putting them on the kids, only for them to lose one 3 minutes later!

I still LOVE hats though! There’s something so comforting about wearing a woolly hat. Here’s two of my favourites:
Grey Hat With Snowflakes:
I bought this for myself years ago, when I used to work at Claire’s Accessories. I love it because it covers my ears so well, and I can even tie it under my chin to really keep the cold air out when it’s windy – perfect for wintry seaside walks!
Christmas Pudding Hat:

My Mum bought this for me for Christmas two years ago, and it’s so fun to wear! It makes me feel very festive, and I love to wear it in the run up to Christmas, and definitely if we go for a stroll on Christmas day!
I had lots of warm winter hats, but until recently I didn’t have any pretty ‘occasion’ winter hats – the kind you could wear to meet up with friends and feel special. I know it won’t keep my head warm at all, but I love this new winter fascinator that I made.
Winter Fascinator:
It’s got perfect frosty hues, and even a little bit of twinkle! I made this at the 101+ Ways With Glitter Book Launch, with the help of Hatastic who ran the workshop!
Be Inspired:
  • Go take photos of your favourite winter wear, and blog about it or scrapbook it (or both!)
  • Make a winter item with felt and sparkles
  • Make a project that looks like a Christmas pudding!

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Do you wear woolly hats in the winter? I’ll be back shortly! x

21 thoughts on “Wonderful Winter Hats”

  1. I love my hats and bought a furry one yesterday but it has been hidden for santa I wear a stetson a lot – it is leather, keeps me dry, keeps the rain of my glasses and is very practical


  2. Love your hats!! I don’t wear hats…for any occasion but they suit you!! I did wear a really big hat for my daughter’s wedding…but has been in the hat box ever since!! LOL


  3. I have a huge head so often find it hard to get a hat to fit! I went to Primark in search of a Christmas Pudding hat but couldn’t find one (apparently they are selling some there this year) so I have hat envy now!!!


  4. I’m not really a winter hat person myself, but have to wear them in summer. We go on hikes and the sun is brutal.I am into scarves though and have way too many according to my hubby. Ba! 😉


  5. I love seeing hats on other people but I just think that I look stupid in hats plus I hate getting hat hair. I loved it when we were in Canada as everyone wore hats and I didn’t look the odd one out when I was wearing one.The winter fascinator is a great idea!!


  6. Love your hats – especially the christmas pudding one! I have one in a similar design to your first one, but bright pinks and a great big bobble on the top. One of my mates says she would reather have Her ears drop off with frostbite than be seen in it, but I love it! :o)


  7. I look completely daft in hats as much as I love to wear them. I have to wear earmuffs instead as I have totally wussy ears that get cold and achey VERY quickly. However, I could definitely go for that pudding hat!


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