Valentine’s Day Counterfeit-Kit Card

I used my January Counterfeit Kit to make this Valentine’s Card for my husband:
The heart has zig-zag stitching around the edges, so that it makes a pocket behind – the ‘Sweetheart’ tab pulls out to reveal a heart-shaped note card.
I took the opportunity to use up lots of pink sparkly adhesive dots, before they get too old and lose their stickiness:
Here’s the pull-out tag, with a list of some of the reasons I love my husband. I used some Simple Stories Sn@p ‘Just the Basics’ 6×8 paper to make the tag – I doodled a scalloped border around the edge, and coloured it in with gold pen:
I hope it will make him happy on Valentines day. We don’t usually do much other than exchange a card, and maybe have a peaceful dinner to ourselves after the kids are in bed. But I still like it as an excuse to be a little more romantic for a day! Do you celebrate Valentines?

23 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Counterfeit-Kit Card”

  1. Great cardLove the hidden note!We celebrate it with cards and a bit of candy for the grandkids. Tehy celebrate with a homemade treat and card for each of their schoolmates. This year DD is emlting down broken crayons and making small heart shaped crayons out of them. She bought the mold (makes 6) at the dollar store!


  2. I hope he doesn’t read your blog and spoil the surprise. It’s a lovely card. I haven’t done anything for valentines for years. In fact, I don’t think I did much when I wasn’t single!


  3. Oh yes, I love Valentine’s Day actually. I try to do something special – card, pressie or something silly.This year I’ll be alone but I must remember to make something to slip into his case before he goes!Your card is just lovely – very inspirational


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