Wobbly Walking & Bouncing About

 I have been using my gigantic February Counterfeit Kit, honest! Here’s a couple of layouts to prove it…
Wobbly Walker:
This one shows one of the first pictures I took of my son walking – with a helping hand or two. He looks so pleased with himself!
I had fun adding lots of sentiments to this page to capture the memories – to try and keep the day as fresh in my mind as it is now. I especially like the ‘I treasure this moment’ stamp by Elle’s Studio, and the ‘Happy Days’ brad by Papermania:
My handmade journaling card was perfect to sum up the moment, and I like how the ombre effect creates a sense of movement:
The arrow at the top left is pointing to the number ‘1’ because that’s how old he was – I like this little extra detail that you might not notice on first glance.
Bouncing About:
This was the first time my kids bounced on a see-saw all by themselves! It was a cold day, but they had so much fun. It took me a while to think of a title for this one, but I settled on ‘bouncing about, enjoying life’, using mini alphas and an Elle’s Studio ‘Lil’ Snippet’:
My handmade vellum envelope was a great place to hide some extra journaling about all our trips to the play-park, and why this day was especially nice:
I’m glad scrapbooking helps me capture all these moments when they get on together, but I should probably do a page soon about all the fights they have too – I don’t want the record of our lives to look too unrealistically perfect! They’ve had some dissagreements today, about whose turn it was with the ball, who gets the biggest snack, and who gets to sit on the wooden chair – to name just a few!
Do you document the imperfect moments too? Or you prefer to keep your albums happy and lovely?
I’m going to keep using my mammoth Counterfeit Kit, though it’s going to be difficult to stick to it, as I’ve bought lots of new goodies from Elle’s Studio and Glitz Designs, and they cannot be ignored…! x

18 thoughts on “Wobbly Walking & Bouncing About”

  1. You’ve got some adorable photos and I love how you are using the kit – great pages! Yes, at this time of year with all the new releases coming out, I am acquiring stash far faster then I am using it up!


  2. Both layouts are equally fabulous!!! And I have to admit that I don’t scrap the bad times nearly as often as I scrap the good times!! I guess at this point in my life, kids are grown and grandkids are here infrequently, the good times outweigh the bad!!


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