Counterfeit Cards + Giveaway Winner!

I made these cards for a couple of birthdays last week, both using my April Counterfeit Kit and Add On.

I layered up the doilies on this one, I love how my handmade tidbit looks in the centre:

Jenny, today is your day by Jennifer Grace

The gold heart and sequins don’t show up very well on the below photo, but I assure you they looked luxurious in real life! This card was for my best friend Rosie, and she said her favourite bit about it was the strip of elephants at the top:

Birthday Wishes Rosie by Jennifer Grace

I also made her a few handmade presents, though I didn’t photograph them all. I decorated a mug for her, and added some buttons to some hair pins and paperclips following this tutorial – it’s something I’m definitely going to do more of, as it was so quick and helped me use up some of my gigantic button stash!

I also made her this Bunny Rabbit Pendant using Frosted Shrinkles and some pro-markers:

Shrinkles Bunny Necklace by Jennifer Grace

Sadly one of Rosie’s bunny rabbits died the next day, after a fox got in to her garden. I hope the necklace helps her remember her lovely Bertie bunny 😦

And now to announce the winner of the giveaway I held to celebrate this new blog…

Corina Thorne!

Corina you are the lucky winner, I’ve sent you an email! Sorry to those who didn’t win, but don’t despair… there will be another giveaway towards the end of this week.

Bye for now, x

19 thoughts on “Counterfeit Cards + Giveaway Winner!”

  1. The cards are so beautiful! And I love how the timing of your bunny necklace gift was so perfect. She will cherish it, I’m sure!


  2. I received my prize in the mail very quickly…..more quickly than I anticipated since it was coming “across the pond”. LOVE!! Thanks Jennifer, I can’t wait to dive into these goodies. Hopefully time will present itself sooner rather than later.


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