Hi – A Crate Colour Challenge Card & My Hen Party

Hi! How are you doing today? Right now I’m madly packing as I’m going away this weekend… for my hen party (bachelorette night)!

If you are a regular reader you’re probably confused – haven’t I been married for nearly 5 years? Yes! And no, I’m not getting married again!

I shall tell you more further on in this post, after I’ve shown you this card. It’s for the current Crate Paper Creative Weekly Challenge – to use shades of one colour and a collage composition on a project:

Hi Card by Jennifer Grace using Crate Paper

I love this shade of bluey-green. I pulled bits from a variety of Crate collections, including the deer journaling card from Acorn Avenue, and a speech bubble cut from a piece of DIY Shop paper. The white cardstock is inked at the edges with Heidi Swapp ‘Mint’ Color Spritz, I love the smudgy look!

So why am I going to my hen party 5 years after getting married?

When me and the wonderful hubby got married our little girl was 2 months old, and my best friend Rosie had been away travelling for a year (she got back less than a week before my wedding). So I didn’t have a lot of energy or opportunities for a Hen Party before the wedding. The night before the wedding we had a girls night, but it was in the same manor house as the boys night, and as I was breastfeeding my daughter and therefore not drinking alcohol, and my Nan and Granny were at the girls night, unsurprisingly a lot of my young girly friends went off to party at the stag do instead!

At the time I didn’t mind too much – I was super happy to be getting married and to have a lovely baby daughter. But I was kind of gutted to miss out on that night of fun and it being all about me! Since I organised Rosie’s Hen Weekend in 2011, she kept saying she wanted to arrange a belated one for me. So that’s what she did! This weekend 8 of us are descending on an unsuspecting English city. It will be quite calm and collected for a hen party I should think. But I know we are going to have an awesome time, enjoying a spa, going out dressed in masquerade masks, and doing a bit of scrapbooking! I know Rosie has a few surprises up her sleeve too!

I’m sure I shall be telling you all about it on Monday! In the meantime you can keep an eye on My Instagram Feed for photos!

Have you ever been to a hen night, either your own, or for someone else? Did you love it or hate it? Wish me luck! x

14 thoughts on “Hi – A Crate Colour Challenge Card & My Hen Party”

  1. I had a very relaxed one, with a group of close friends. We had a meal and then a few drinks. Hope you enjoy whatever Rosie has planned!


  2. This card is so very pretty – your shades of green are lovely together. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. When we got married, hen parties were unheard of!


  3. i’m sure you’ll have an awesome time, enjoy every bit!!
    I planned my sister bachelorette last year, we spend 3 days in Barcelona 😉 that was awesome ^^


  4. I hope your weekend was full of fun – I haven’t attended a hen party for a while now..we’re all married. Do love a hen party though.

    i’m also lovely all the shades of green on your card – gorgeous stuff xxx


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