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Counterfeit Scene of the Crime NSD Blog Hop

Hello! Welcome to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge ‘Scene of the Crime’ blog hop – lots of the DT members are giving you a sneak peek into their scrapping space today! It’s all part of the NSD weekend celebrations going on at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog – check it out!

You should have arrived via Jemma at Just Jimjams, and at the end of this post I’ll send you onwards. but first, here’s where I work:


Since I had to move out of my own little craft room last year (so cheeky boy could have his own bedroom), my scrapping space is my dining table. Yeah, we don’t eat at the table much, because it’s normally covered in paper and glue!

Crafting here has good and bad points. It’s good because it’s easier for other’s to craft with me here – my daughter sits at the table and crafts too, or sometimes friends come round to create. Plus it’s near the kitchen so I can stick bits down while I’m waiting for a pot to boil! The bad thing is this is the room you walk into when you open our front door, so I try to clean up after each project so the house isn’t always a total mess (though it usually is when people call in unexpectedly!). Also, this room doesn’t get much light, so I have to leave the lights on all the time while I craft – I have daylight bulbs fitted. So it isn’t perfect but it works for now!

Want to take a closer look at a few bits?


Here’s some of my pizza boxes – there’s more on the shelf below but you get the idea – I basically store manufacturers, counterfeit kits, layouts, and themes (eg xmas) in separate pizza boxes. Then when I start on a project I just pull a pizza box down and get to work! I don’t like the look of pizza boxes, I’d like some pretty boxes that are just the right width to fit in the Expedit unit, but about the same height as a pizza box. This seems to be hard to find though, at least within my price range, so pizza boxes it will remain for now! Did you spot that a couple of these boxes are full of prizes for my upcoming event?!

I also have a small TV, which has a built in DVD player, stored on top of these boxes. I get it down and put it on the dining table when I feel like watching a DVD while I work. This could be anything depending on my mood, from Friends, to Armageddon, to Pride and Prejudice, to Harry Potter! Anything I’ve seen before – if it’s a new DVD then I can’t scrap at the same time as I’d get to distracted!


The above bureaux came from my Grandad’s loft when he moved last year. My Mum used to have it in her bedroom when she was younger. It’s perfect for scrappy supplies! I store my Slice Cutter and boxes or ribbons, buttons etc in the shelves at the bottom, and the draw holds most of my 6×6 papers and my score board. The top opens to reveal this:


This is where I keep my ink pads, my most often used stamps (small ones in the gold box, larger cling stamps standing up on the right), my most used punches, my Mod-Podge, and a few other bits. When I sit at the end of the dining table I can flip this open and reach everything nice and easy!

On top of the bureaux is this:


A handy place for lots of tools! My pens are in my Vintage Book Pen Pot (tutorial HERE), scissors and craft knives in an older black pen pot, and the silver box holds my most used adhesives. Love having them ready to grab!

Okay, one more thing to show you that I love:


I picked up this heart shaped bowl/basket at a car boot sale a while back and I love it! These days it holds my washi & glitter tape collection.

So there you go! I’m sure I could show you lots more but I think that gives you a good glimpse into my workspace! What your favourite bit about where you create?

Now you need to hop on to Julie at His Glory Girl. Have fun checking out the rest of our scrap spaces! Here’s the full list in case you get lost:






**you are here**Jennifer**you are here**


Lisa H.




Have a great Sunday! x

14 thoughts on “Counterfeit Scene of the Crime NSD Blog Hop”

  1. your little heart shaped basket is really lovely – no wonder you love it. And your grandad’s cupboard is delightful. I am missing something like this in my room – something with meaning. Will add that to my list of ideas.
    Your space looks creatively inspiring and a work in progress (don’t we all have one of those 🙂 ) I’m happy to find someone else who used pizza boxes – not very eyeable but so useful! I’m with you there. I did track down some plastic boxes at Hobby Craft – they are not quite the same size as a pizza box but i do find them quite useful for papers.


  2. A common area as a scrap space definitely has its pros and cons but it looks like you have made the most of yours! And it is so nice to have a space where people can join in. That is the one thing I miss in my space. Love your granddad’s piece. It looks like a wonderful piece to hold lots of goodies and beautiful memories.


  3. I wish my room was as organised. I have tried on numerous occasions to sort out a space I am happy with and nearly always end up with more stuff on the floor than in the drawers!! Lets just say that it is an on-going process lol
    Liking the idea of the pizza box storage.


  4. I love how you repurposed that bureaux and that is just the cutest little basket holding that wonderful washi tape.
    Congrats on passing your test!!!!


  5. I often think it’s better to scrap like this inthe heart of the family, and like you say you can have family and friends scrap with you at the table 🙂


  6. Hi Jennifer Just found your blog via SJ Papercrafts and loved the peek at your scrapping space 🙂 Where would we be without expedit units lol!


  7. How generous of you to give up your scrap room for your boy!!! I’m amazed at how you’ve fit so much into your space. Just amazed. And I love your happy heart filled with washi!


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