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Echo Park NSD Layouts and a Giveaway Winner

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I was feeling inspired by the Echo Park NSD challenges that they had on their blog last weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t win any of the prizes, but I don’t mind as I had super fun making these two layouts and a card!

I think you’re amazing:

I Think You're Amazing by Jennifer Grace

This was for the ‘Layout of Love’ challenge, and I took it as a good opportunity to make a page about my husband, as he doesn’t feature enough in my scrapbooks!

I Think You're Amazing by Jennifer Grace

I used a lot of This and That – Charming on this page. I especially like this bunting that I cut from the border strips, some of the flags have pop-dots underneath so they will keep sticking out a little even in a page protector:

I Think You're Amazing by Jennifer Grace

Just Relax card:

Just Relax card by Jennifer Grace

I mainly just have scraps left from Everyday Eclectic, so the challenge to make a ‘Summer Card’ was a good excuse to use some of them up! I also added some American Crafts Aqua Glitter Tape, and a few sequins.

The boy gets cheekier every day, in every way:

The Boy Gets Cheekier layout by Jennifer Grace

This page was for the ’10 x the love’ challenge, to use 10 of something eg. 10 papers, 10 brads etc. I used 10 stickers (not counting letter stickers!). I clustered them all up around the photo, and used pop-dots on some of them:

The Boy Gets Cheekier layout by Jennifer Grace

Which meant I had plenty of space left for my long title:

The Boy Gets Cheekier layout by Jennifer Grace

He really does get cheekier and cheekier at the moment. But he’s cute so he gets away with it, especially when he says ‘orry’!

Did you join in any National Scrapbook Day fun?

I also need to announce the winner of the Onwards and Upwards Announcement Giveaway – it is:


She said: ‘Really looking forward to this! Hoping to be able to spend some time on it and not doing jobs!! Now I know how much work you have put into this I really want to join in even more!’

Becky please contact me at jennifergrace (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk to claim your prize!

Thanks so much to everyone else who entered and shared the announcement too, I’m so grateful to you for helping to spread the word. And if you didn’t win, no worries, there’s a LOT of giveaways coming at the weekend – it all kicks off right here at 4pm BST tomorrow (10th May)!

Finally, I’m trying out a new comment system (Login Radius). I have liked most things about changing from Blogger to WordPress, but it annoyed me that it was hard for people to have an avatar appear next to their comment, which made all the comments blend together a bit when I read through them all. So now you should be able to ‘sign in’ via your Google (should be the same as your Blogspot login), Facebook, Twitter, Open ID, or WordPress accounts, and then your avatar attached to that account will show up with your comment. You can still comment just by typing in your name, email, web address as before if you prefer though!

Edited to add – okay, this wasn’t working like I hoped. It seems to be okay if you click the buttons to sign in via facebook or wordpress, but google doesn’t work so well. I am going to try and figure it out, but it probably won’t be sorted for this weekend. A solution if you want your avatar to appear by your comment is to sign up for Gravatar. Sign up there using the email address you usually input when you comment on my blog, and then upload an avatar. This will mean all your previous comments here will have an avatar appear next to them too! (Louise just tested this out for me and it worked!) Of course there’s no obligation to do this if you are happy to have no avatar with your comment for the time being!

I’m also hoping that this will keep you signed in for a while – so if you are commenting on lots of posts this weekend you won’t have to keep signing in over and over again. If anyone notices that this isn’t happening, or if you spot any other problems with the Login Radius system, can you please let me know so I can try and fix it? Thanks!

Have a happy day, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Onwards and Upwards! x

22 thoughts on “Echo Park NSD Layouts and a Giveaway Winner”

  1. Me? Is it me who has won?! Wow if it is!!

    Loved seeing what you have done with the bunting on the top layout. I have all of these papers and am gradually using them up on my California Road Trip layouts. I love them! Love the stitching on your last layout and your little boy’s cheeky grin too!


  2. Love it all, especially the colours of the top layout and the title and cheeky grin of the 2nd. Going to make some cards with my left over everyday eceletic, having seen how great yours looks!


  3. Can’t wait for the weekend to begin! Feel like a layout coming on with that as the title, reminds me of the song with those lyrics!


    1. Hmmm… when I sign in via google it brings up my avatar. Maybe it’s because I have a google plus account? Off to investigate!


  4. Love love these pages……and the EP papers. I had these and used them a while back…seeing these makes me wish i had some more. Great stuff.

    I have a google plus account i’m signed into, so we’ll see if it works for me xx


  5. Love the page of you and hubby … such a great pic of you both!!

    Good luck sorting the commenting thing …. looking forward to onwards and upwards! xx


  6. Two lovely layouts – especially love how you have done the bunting.

    Looking forward to the weekend – though will have to catch up with the Sunday stuff on the Sunday night as that is my monthly crop day. Tomorrow will see me whizz through my chores really quickly so that I can be ready to go at 4pm!!


  7. I also joined in with the EP challenges it was great fun but no prize for me either but I love my pages I also love yours!!! Looking forward to seeing more of you this weekend xxx


    1. Hi Jemma – the boxes are filled in just because you have commented here before. You aren’t actually ‘signed in’. If you would like an avatar to appear with your comment you’ll need to ‘sign in’ with something that has an avatar attached, eg a facebook, twitter, wordpress or gravatar account. If you have a google plus account then signing in with google might work, but it unfortunately doesn’t seem to pick up blogger profile pictures. I hope that helps! x


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