Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit Kit

(This post is part of my Onwards and Upwards Blog Event)

This post is a relatively quick one, so if you are still hopping along the blog hop, then there’s not too much to distract you!

As I’m part of the current Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Design Team, I thought it would be quite appropriate to create an Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit kit! Hopefully it will give you ideas for how you can dig through you stash and get crafting right now, along with me!

I based my kit on the Grand Giveaway Prize, can you see and similarities even though this is all older stash/handmade embellies?:

Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit Kit

The white sheet on the right with the stamped images on is an index of the stamps I have, that I thought went well with the kit.

I’m not going to list everything in this kit, instead I’m going to suggest things which you could grab from your stash to create a similar kit. You don’t have to make a big kit – it could just be a page kit or a kit for a couple of cards. Here’s some ideas:

– clouds – hot air balloons – stars – aeroplanes – birds – uplifting words/phrases – paper that makes you feel happy – travel  themed papers/embellishments – sparkles – feathers – sequins – butterflies – blue – pink – beige/cream –  

Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit Kit

Here’s how to make a journaling card like the one I created, which reads ‘a thousand places in any direction’:

1. Cut a piece of Simple Stories Sn@p paper or lined paper down to 3×4″. 2.  Stamp swirls, birds, and a hot air balloon, and colour the hot air balloon with promarkers. 3. Glue on words cut from an old book. 4. Paint the edges of the journaling card with black watercolour paint. Done!

The glitter tape is also handmade – the one with pink glitter on is some normal double-sided tape, and the one with blue glitter on is foam double-sided tape. The glitter stuck better on the foam tape, but I’m not sure whether that was because the foam was stickier, or whether the pink glitter was too tinsel-like to stick well!

If you create an Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit Kit remember you can link it in the ‘Challenge to be Inspired’!

Be Inspired:

Create a counterfeit kit along an Onwards and Upwards theme

Layer some stamped images and cut-out-words on a project

Make your own glitter tape

You’ll be seeing my counterfeit kit items on some projects this weekend!

Remember that commenting on this post, and any other over this weekend, will count as an entry into the Grand Giveaway, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!

I hope you’re enjoying everything so far… see you again in an hour! x

26 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit Kit”

  1. Such a fab idea to make your own kit up – I have always relied on kits that I have purchased. I will have a root around later and see what I can put together – I have plenty of butterfly stamps and punches for starters LOL!! The little journalling card is lovely x


  2. there are some more great ideas there and I think I could make a kit up that would fit the theme of onwards and upwards especially with all your suggestions thanks Jennifer xxx


  3. I have only really made a kit like that myself once (for a Learn Something New Everyday Class 🙂 but I really should do it more because it is not only fun to shop your stash, it is also very motivating! Great combination of elements!


  4. A blog weekend Counterfit kit……sounds good. I even have those Once upon a time papers…somewhere!!! I do like those stamps!


  5. Hmm I do have butterflies and birds embellishments. I’ll have to check my papers for ones that fit the theme. And I do have some feathers.


  6. What sweet loveliness. I like the approach to summarize the elements of the kit in simple nouns. Really breaks it down to it’s elements and then opens up the possibilities of interpretation. This is what I will try next month with CKC to try to break my habit of literal interpretation.


  7. I love the theme you are using. Lots of things that I love too. I wish I had time to make the kit and play along – this would be something I would so enjoy. I keep telling myself to make up kits for when I go to friends or crops. Even if I don’t do it for this weekend, I must do it when I organise my cabin. While I am sorting through all my stash it would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks for the idea….


  8. Really like the journaling card idea. Think I might try this and making a small counterfeit kit. Thanks for the inspiration.


  9. Yeppers, i am enjoying. I got the papers picked out, the stamps…just got done cutting out some traceables (before going to the big shot) to make journaling cards.


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