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An Onwards Recipe Challenge!

(This post is part of my Onwards and Upwards Blog Event)

It’s time for another challenge! This one is a recipe challenge – at the bottom of this post there’s a list of items for you to try and use on your next project. You can use extra items too, and you won’t be disqualified if you miss an item or two off the list – just try to include as many of the ingredients as possible!

If you enter this challenge, you’ll be in with a chance to win this prize:

Recipe Challenge Prize at Jennifer Grace Creates

Pink Paislee Luxe: Chipboard Copper Circles Placemat, and Gold & Silver Rub-Ons
& some American Crafts Gold Glitter Tape!

Some pretty metallics products to add to your next project! I do love a bit of shine and sparkle!

To inspire you to join in with this challenge, I have a layout for you. I’m also going to share a little bit about how I chose what to put on it!

Go For Gold:

Go For Gold layout by Jennifer Grace

This page is all about my big dreams and how I tend to go for things that seem unachievable – sometimes they are! But it’s part of my personality to keep reaching upwards, and I’m not going to stop any time soon. I have learnt that things don’t always have to be perfect, but I can try!

Here’s a bit about how this eclectic mix of items (representing my personality!) all came together…

First I pulled a ton of stuff from my stash. If you think I make big counterfeit kits then wait until you see this page kit… hee hee! To choose items I started with the colour yellow – as I mentioned earlier this colour always makes me feel positive. Then I found the ‘Be You’ journaling card (Jillibean Soup Chilled Cucumber), which had a bit of blue, so I started gathering a few blue items. I liked the ‘The sky is the limit’ words on the My Mind’s Eye paper, and that had a bit of pink in, so I added some pinks and some other bits from that collection. Then I added some gold to go with my title (I forgot to put the glitter Thickers in the photo below but I already knew I was going to use them), and because I love it right now!

Here’s all the stuff I thought I might use:


I knew it all wouldn’t fit on one page but that’s okay!

A couple of things in the picture above are stickers. I took them off the sticker sheet so I could move them about and see how they fitted on my page – I do this a lot! I keep a small salt-cellar (from a picnic set) that I’ve filled with baby powder (not salt!), and I just sprinkle some onto the back of the sticker and wipe the excess off with my fingers:


Once I’ve chosen lots of bits I might use, my next move is to push most of this to the side of my workspace, and get back to basics – what’s going to be the base of my page? I tried a few paper combinations / orientations:

page base blog

And I decided on the last one, where I had chopped off the top of the MME paper, and put some Elle’s Studio serendipity paper underneath.

Next I stuck the background down onto some white cardstock – I could have pieced it together without that but I find it quicker and easier to use cardstock as a hidden base when I’m using lots of bits for the background:


Once my background was stuck down, I started to plonk everything back on to the layout (without sticking anything), squeezing on as much as I could, to see how it looked:


But that looked a bit too busy! So I started taking things off again…


And then I realised the only thing I really missed from the items I’d taken off was the card with the girl wearing a top hat, so I put that back on. And I tucked a bit of washi tape underneath the chipboard circles so it was still there but not taking up lots of space:


Then I got ready to stick things down! I took a photo to remind me where everything was going, and then took off the top layers. To help me stick the bottom layers back in the right places I drew pencil lines that would be hidden later, to show where they should go:


When I was adding things again I realised I hadn’t used any stamps, so I stamped a large circle in the top left corner. The ‘think big’ sticker made it on here too – it was lighter than the ‘onwards and upwards one, so it wasn’t so overpowering, and by overlapping it with other elements it stopped the page from getting too busy again:


Some sequins and an off-cut (from the border punching at the top of the layout) made it onto the right of the page – bringing in details from elsewhere helped to bring all the eclectic bits together. I used the space I’d made by taking some things off – I filled it with my journaling:


That’s it:

Go For Gold layout by Jennifer Grace

It all worked out okay, didn’t it?!

Here’s the stuff that didn’t make it onto the layout at all (in this photo I didn’t include items that I’d used a bit of, like paper off-cuts or the rest of the mini-alpha sheets, etc):


I managed to fit quite a lot on after all!

But don’t worry, I’m not asking you to include everything I used on your project for this challenge!

Here’s the recipe:

1 small square photo (you can crop down a larger photo) or square element

Something shiny or sparkly

Some encouraging / uplifting / happy words

At least one sticker (alphas don’t count for this)

At least 3 stars

Some yellow!

One stamp.

There you go! What can you make with that? I can’t wait to see! Like I mentioned before, you can add lots of other stuff to the recipe, and you won’t get penalised if you miss an item or swap it for something else – I’m all for adapting recipes to suit your needs!

To enter this challenge: Make something using the above recipe, then blog about it or upload it to an online gallery – a link back to here is appreciated if possible. Then come here and add your project to the Linky Tool below! You can enter this challenge as many times as you like, and you can combine it with other challenges (either mine or other online challenges).

The challenge will close next Sunday 19th May at 10.59pm BST (NOW SLIGHTLY EXTENDED TO 05.59am BST on Monday 20th May). It is open internationally.

Finally, don’t forget that commenting on this post, and any other over this weekend, will count as an entry into the Grand Giveaway, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE.

I’ll be back again at 2pm! x

26 thoughts on “An Onwards Recipe Challenge!”

  1. While reading your post and seeing all the assortment that you were using and doing, I was sure I would be left out of this challenge. But then I read the few items required and was relieved. It’s not so bad! Now to find just the right picture to use.

    I Create Purty Thangs


  2. wow that gives such an amazing insight into your process Jennifer. Thanx so much for typing the whole thing up. I too put loads of stuff out and then don’t necessarily use it all but then I put it into another pile and start again. Love the talc tip too,
    Jo xxx


  3. now that is a challenge I should be able to do as I am using stars on all my Harry Potter pages and I am making lots at the moment so will definitely try and complete this one thanks Jennifer


  4. REally interesting to read about your creative process and the finished result looks fab! Hope to have a go over the weekend :o)


  5. Oh my goodness!! What an insight into your creative process :0) I think I must be your antithesis as I hold back from getting everything out and then just make do with what is within reach!!! I am definitely going to give the recipe a go….sounds like it can’t go wrong….famous last words, LOL!! Actually, I am taking something from an earlier post……take it as it comes…it’s ok for it not to be perfect ;0)


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