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Goals to Aim For – Includes Download!

(This post is part of my Onwards and Upwards Blog Event)

This hour I want to share a goal sheet that I created, which you can download (free) for your own personal use if you wish!

Goals To Aim For worksheet by Jennifer Grace

You can either right click on the picture above and ‘save image as’ to your desktop, or, for the best quality you can download it HERE (you will be prompted for the download).

You could use this sheet for all kinds of things, small goals or big. You could print several sheets and keep them for separate themes, eg. one for recipes you’d like to try, one for jobs that need doing around the house, one for all the crafts you want to make after seeing this weekend’s inspiration?!

For now I’m just using one sheet, for a mix of goals, to try and help me de-clutter my mind – I always have lots of things going on that I want to make progress with, and having them set out on paper breaks them down into achievable goals:


So far I’ve managed most of these… though I wasn’t as good at getting posts written for this weekend as I hoped I’d be! Though that all worked out in the end okay, I just had to catch up a bit on that goal.

To make me even more inspired by these goals, to keep me glancing at them and remembering what they mean, I created a goals mood board:


It’s filled with all kinds of bits and pieces. Some of them relate to the goals – for example there are some fairy postcards because my daughter had a plan to catch a fairy (it didn’t work, we’ve got to make a new plan!), some recipes torn from magazines or photocopied from a book, the graphic that advertised this weekend to remind me of it’s approach!

Other things are items I love right now, like some gold glitter tape, and an owl necklace my sister made for me, some Color Me Happy journal cards – by having things I like to look at I will keep glancing that way, and remembering to stay on top of my goals!


I can keep changing things on here as my goals change, or adding new items that I’m loving!

Be Inspired:

Download and fill in the Goal Sheet

Make a mood-board style project, filling a page or card with an eclectic mix of things you love

Go and do something you’ve been wanting to get done for a while!

Remember that commenting on this post, and any other over this weekend, will count as an entry into the Grand Giveaway, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!

See you again in 60 minutes! x

25 thoughts on “Goals to Aim For – Includes Download!”

  1. Hmmm a mood board eh? Sounds like a plan!! Firstly though I need to get on and get some long awaited crafting done, then go on holiday, then I am moving to a new craft room (long story), painting the spare room…….yup, I need that goal sheet :0) I do love a list….I have notebooks all over the place…..it feels great when you can tick off your jobs :0)


  2. Thanks for the download – I just love lists but never really bother to list my goals – maybe I should start!! And wow to your notice board – maybe I ought to tidy up my kitchen notice board – it is a right mess at the moment!!


  3. I am loving the goals chart and your goals made me laugh, sorry it was the 6 blogposts and the big NO! in the completed section. Been there, done that!!!!1 Your mood board is gorgeous and you know which element jumped right out? The owl, yep we are owl girls, Yay xxxxxx


  4. I need several mood boards, Jennifer!! I have so many projects in my head or in progress. I love your download, and I will print it off because I did plan this morning to set myself some goals and schedules to keep on track and focused. I certainly needed them because I have been glued to the computer instead of decluttering and organising my cabin!


  5. Love your goals board. Such a great idea. If I had a place to hang one I would. But I think that’s kind of what I keep at Pinterest.


  6. I love your idea of a visual goal board. That would definitely inspire and remind me of what is important and what I can achieve next. Thanks.


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