A Bunch of Beautiful Balloons!

(This post is part of my Onwards and Upwards Blog Event)

I’ve shared quite a few hot-air balloon projects and products this weekend, but in this household we also love a good helium-filled balloon!

Little Miss on her 4th Birthday:


Little Miss on her 5th Bithday:


We had lots of balloons on her 5th birthday – 15 of them! We got one for each child at her birthday party, but then we forgot to give most of them out at the end, so we brought them home and Little Miss had a balloon forest in her bedroom – she loved it!

My son playing with her balloons – he’d been going crazy for them just before I started filming and calmed down when I started, but you get to see a glimpse of his enthusiasm:

And here’s me at my hen weekend a couple of weeks ago, sorry the photo is a bit grainy as it was taken with the front-facing camera on my Iphone:

me and balloons

The waiter in the restaurant gave these to me. And then the next day a shop in town was giving out ballons on a stick so I had to get one and carry it around! Then my sister gave me another helium balloon, a ‘girls night out’ one the next evening. It was a balloon filled weekend!

I don’t know why we like balloons so much. They just make us happy! It was good when my Husband changed jobs and started working in a shop that sells helium-filled balloons – now he gets discount!

To celebrate our love of balloons I made this card:

Bunch of Balloons card by Jennifer Grace

Featuring papers from my Onwards and Upwards Counterfeit Kit. I stamped a balloon onto several of the papers, cut it out (discarding the stamped string), and attached twine where the string should be. The balloons and sentiment are adhered to the card with pop-dots to tether them down!

Be Inspired:

Make a bunch of balloons or a cluster of another sky-related embellishment

Use twine to hold something down

Scrapbook about an item you think is fun!

Remember that commenting on this post, and any other over this weekend, will count as an entry into the Grand Giveaway, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!

See you again in an hour! x

20 thoughts on “A Bunch of Beautiful Balloons!”

  1. Balloons are fab – my brother’s Dad used to rub them on his head so they would stick to the ceiling with static electricity – we thought it was magic! :o)


  2. why do we like balloons??? I think there is some magical quality about them especially helium filled ones and they are definitely associated with celebrations that’s for sure! your card is really cute and a great way to use twine.


  3. You’re right, balloons do make us happy. I especially love the ones that you can make animals out of. That’s just amazing to me how they do it. I really like that birthday card you made. It’s perfect.

    I Create Purty Thangs


  4. I am one that isn’t overly keen on balloons. I love seeing them but if people are playing with them and they are likely to pop, you’ll find me cringing in the corner!


  5. Who doesn’t love balloons !!!!!!! Love the card you made. When my husband came home from a remote assignment, we greeted him at the airport with sign and balloons.


  6. Mine all love balloons too! wish i did! I can’t bare the noise they make! Lovely photo of your daughter and i especially like your card. Fab inspiration x


  7. I love kids responses to balloons, but like yours mine always stop what their doing when you turn the camera/video on!


  8. Love the video! On much 40th I had helium balloons tied all over me by the waiters at the restaurant! Might have to dig that photo out to scrap – so many ideas, so little time!


  9. Great pictures and love the card. I am a bit scared of balloons though. I hate the feel of them and am nervous of them popping in my face. I can cope with the odd one but 15 in a room would seriously freak me out!!!!


  10. Adorable card- love the stamping on print paper for the balloons. And great pix/video- very cute of your kids w/ the balloons. I wish we could have more of them- my 5yr old loves them but we have a cat who is utterly addicted to curling ribbon which is what’s on practically every balloon ever blown up any more. When it comes between having a balloon in the house to enjoy or forgetting again to cut the ribbon short so we don’t end up at the vet for surgery on a cat who ate curling ribbon and has gotten internally bound up with it… sorry sweetie, you can’t bring your balloon in the house. *sigh*


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