Keep Moving Onwards and Upwards!

(This post is part of my Onwards and Upwards Blog Event)

Aw, it’s time for the last post of the weekend! I hope you’ll all keep moving Onwards and Upwards after the posts have finished!

I am truly grateful to all of you for joining me for the weekend, and for all of the lovely things you say! It makes all the hard work worthwhile to know you are inspired by my event!

You Make Me Happy card by Jennifer Grace


YOU do make me happy! So do hot-air balloons!!

Thanks to everyone who has entered the challenges so far. I’ve been adding projects to the Onwards and Upwards Pinterest board, and I’ll keep adding more!

Here’s the links to all the challenges so you can get to them easily. Remember these don’t close until Sunday the 19th of May at 10.59pm (NOW SLIGHTLY EXTENDED TO 05.59am BST on Monday 20th May), so you have a week to enter!


Challenge to be Inspired

Onwards Recipe Challenge

Challenge to go Up, Up, Up!

Challenge to Be as Free as a Bird

Have you enjoyed the weekend? Do you want me to hold another one in 6 months-or-so?

I do run these weekends because I love them, but they also do take up a lot of my time and money. So if you are able to support Jennifer Grace Creates by signing up to the Projects that WOW class (special offer ends tomorrow Monday 13th May at 10.59pm), or by clicking the new ‘Support Jennifer Grace Creates’ button at the bottom of my sidebar (you can give as little as £1), then I’ll be very grateful! Any money received will go directly into website developments and event prize-funds.

There’s no obligation for this at all, I won’t be offended if you don’t give me any money! I know not everyone can afford it. I’m just happy you are here! And I hope you aren’t offended that I’m mentioning it.  Thank you so much to the people who’ve already signed up for the class in June, I can’t wait to share it with you!

The next event weekend will probably be Frosty Festivities again in November. Same theme as last time (winter and Christmas) but all new projects!

Another thing I’ve been considering is offering an option for you to buy a Frosty Festivities Kit before the start of class, so that you can use the same products as me while the weekend is in progress. Would anyone be interested in that? I won’t go any further with it if no-one’s interested! Saying you might be interested will not obligate you into buying it at the time – I’m just trying to gauge if it’s a good idea. If you are interested, what price kit would you prefer (remembering that a smaller price will mean less supplies). A £15 kit? A £25 kit? Let me know so I can try and work it out!

Phew, sorry about all those questions!

Please let me know at jennifergrace (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk if there’s anything you want to talk about. I always like hearing from you! I hope to keep providing lovely inspiration for you for years to come!

Giveaway winners will be announced sometime on Thursday the 16th of May, so check back to see if you’ve won! Bye for now! Jennifer x

26 thoughts on “Keep Moving Onwards and Upwards!”

  1. Thanks Jennifer, it’s been a great weekend and I have a little catching up to do before bed. I’d love another Frosty Festivals in November. I’d have to let you know about the kit – it sounds a great idea and I’d love to take part but time isn’t always on my side and it may sit here unopened. I’d need to let you know nearer the time when I have a better idea what I am doing.
    I have already signed up for June and am looking forward to that. Thanks again for all your hard work, it is appreciated. xx


  2. a huge enormous thank you to you Jennifer for all your hard work it has been an amazing weekend. I look forward to the class in June and I will also be looking forward to frosty festivities…… I am not sure if I would buy a kit until I saw what was in it and how much it would cost especially as I will be planning a JYC album and Christmas so may not have the money. Thanks again xxx


  3. Have loved the weekend,Jennifer….so much inspiration…..and I’m hoping to complete some of the challenges during the week.Thank you for all your work. I’m looking forward to the class now.
    I have so much christmas stash that I probably wouldn’t buy a kit….though I do think it’s a good idea.


  4. Phew…. I have visited every post and left a comment on each so mission accomplished for me!! I would loved to have taken part in the creative challenges but had too many commitments this weekend, but I loved every minute all the same. Thanks again Jennifer.


  5. It’s been a brilliant weekend and I’m looking forward to the next one. Would love to buy a kit and happy to pay around £20, but only if it is not specifically Christmas products as I don’t really “do” Christmas pages – but it’s a great idea in principle. Also keen on the June class, but need to know what would happen if I’m not able to follow the classes live – would I be able to access them later if necessary? Thanks again for all your hard work and inspiration :o)


  6. Some fabulous inspiration here this weekend! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for your winter event too. The kit idea is appealing but between distance and the fact that I really shouldn’t buy more than I have, I’d probably say no.


  7. This was a fantastic weekend and I thank you for all the hard work and tons of inspiration you threw our way. My dreams will be wonderfully coloured and filled with hot air balloons tonight


  8. Thank your for such a fun weekend Jennifer. I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting as much as possible but your posts made lovely breaks in between the revision. They must have taken a lot of time and effort and it really paid off. I am not really into scrapbooking any more and on a student budget i’m afraid I wouldn’t buy a kit but I like the idea!


  9. It has been a very inspiring weekend – thank you for organising. I am looking forward to the Frosty Festivities as I loved that last year. I would be interested in a kit if one was available and would be happy to pay about £20. Looking forward to your class starting in June x


  10. This has been a fun weekend. Thanks Jennifer for another successful blowout. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to take the classes. But I would if I could. As far as the kit goes, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t buy it. Sorry, very tight budget. If you decide not to offer it, I think a good alternative would be to let us know ahead of time the things that you would be using (i.e. colors, shapes, wording,etc.). Then we all could still be cohesive. Just a thought.

    I Create Purty Thangs


  11. This has been fabulous! I LOVED it all! I would love for a kit to be a part of it, and I don’t think 15 or 25 is unreasonable at all, would it be available for those of us that are international? Or if you didn’t want to do the kit thing you could make a list of products that we could buy ourselves to have ahead of time… just a thought! Thank you again so much for all of the inspiration and work that went into this!


  12. If ou dont know if you want to do a kit for us to purchase, maybe you could do a supply list. That might be easier for those of us in the States. This has been fun.


  13. It was a great weekend with a terrific theme. . . looking forward to frosty festivities (and I think a 15 pound kit would be a great option).


  14. Congratulations on another successful weekend. This is the first one I have been to. I didn’t spend any time in the studio, but I read a few of the blogs and noted a couple of your layouts for further study. I really like the way you mix of different fonts of letters.

    November is a better time for me to be involved, so I will watch for your next one, (and in the meantime, go back and read the one’s I missed this weekend) a with regards to a kit, as shipping over pond could be prohibitive, would you be able to post a list for us to put together our own, ahead of time?


  15. Massive congratulations on what I hope has been a gratifying weekend for you, it has been an amazingly inspirational one for me :0) I would love to have a kit (I do love a kit!) it would be fun to see how everyone used the same supplies!! If you don’t get a positive response to a kit, perhaps you could let us know what you will be using so that we can get it before the weekend starts. Thank you, thank you for all your hard work. I will be signing up for your workshop (my way of showing you how great I think you are!) I am going on holiday on Thursday for 2 weeks so should I be lucky enough to win a prize I won’t be around to pop in and check!! I will send you an email :0) Thanks again x


  16. Well done Jennifer – a really great weekend so packed full of ideas and inspiration. Think the idea of a kit for the frosty festivities is good – could you do a smaller one though, say to focus on one project over the weekend that would be a bit cheaper to buy and that way I’d be more likely to ‘log on’ for that post and make time to do it – otherwise I might be overwhelmed about knowing where to start…


  17. Of course I loved it! You should do them every week! (Just kidding) We need to talk about doing something joint with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, don’t you think?


  18. I have signed up for your class, too tempting not to really. I haven’t done a single challenge but my free time this week shall be spent catching up and doing the challenges like a really challenged person??? or something like that, haha


  19. Thanks Jennifer for this great weekend jam-packed with so much fun and frolicking in the world of paper crafting. I am very interested in another event in the fall and would be interested in your kit offer at 25. Did not mind your questions at all but rather admire your frankness around the matter of money. Your ideas and effort are valuable and have taken you much time to create and share and convey and although I am not in a postion at the moment to get involved I definitely will at some point. I really like how every event came with choice as to what are just some of the possibilities of crafting around your challenges. I have been on a spending freeze since December of 2012 as it relates to scrapbooking and I came across your website when someone introduced me to Counterfeit Kits. I am still working on April’s. I need to work through what I have accumulated over the years. Your ideas have really helped me to work through my stash and I a very grateful. The theme for your event has somehow found me at a time I most needed it as I have been actively working on my goals, dreams and trying to move onwards and upwards for over two decades now. I thank you Jennifer for everything you have done here this weekend to introduce ideas for me to get this sort of idea incorporated into scrapbooking and storytelling. You are completely full of creativity and imagination. Onwards and Upwards to your hopes and dreams and goals. Thank you again.


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