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Lots of parcels making me happy!

Hello everyone, how are you all?

I’m okay, though we’ve been looking for a new house for a while and not found anything yet, which is making me a bit frustrated. We rent this house (I don’t suppose we’ll ever be able to afford a house!), and we want to continue renting in the same town. We badly want a garden, our current house has only got a small patio courtyard:

garden blog

We’ve outgrown it!

Unfortunately properties don’t come up for rent that often in our town, so we have to sit tight and wait… which would be okay except I keep saying ‘oh, we’ll do that after we move’, which means we’re waiting for a lot of other stuff to happen too – for example our freezer broke last December, but as we can only fit a small one in here, we decided to wait to move before we replaced it. I’m really missing the convenience of frozen peas!

Anyway, I know that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, we are all in good health and grateful for the wonderful lives we have. I just thought you’d like to know what’s going on with me!

In the meantime, I’ve been getting greatly cheered up by some wonderful gifts and prizes I’ve been receiving. I won’t feel too guilty about showing them off on here, as it won’t be long now until my Frosty Festivities event in November – I’ll be paying the luck forward by giving you all the chance to win some prizes!

Here’s the parcels that have been making me happy:

1. I won this during CHA reveal time, when I was chatting on Two Peas in a Bucket, and the lovely Lexi Bridges posted a challenge for people to upload photos of their desks. She drew a couple of winners and put together a prize of stash each for them, here’s what I received:

Lexi Bridges Prize

Lots of awesome-ness! I especially love the MME buttons, the Dear Lizzy Die Cuts, and the Chic Tags. Thanks Lexi!

2. This was a prize from the lovely Annie at Arty Farty Annie, sponsored by Scrapbook Fantasies. The giveaway was HERE, and was celebrating Annie’s new craft space!


What a gloriously colourful mix of ribbons! I have used lots of these on cards already!

3. This prize I was happy to win during CHA reveals, on the Jillibean Soup Blog. It’s one of their new collections, Cold Avocado Soup:

Jillibean Soup

I already showed you a card I made using this on my PaperHaus Magazine Fall Blog Hop Post, but I wanted to show you how generous and exciting the prize was! I super-duper love those stamps and the ‘Pure Olive Oil’ paper on the bottom right!

4. This was a surprise gift that turned up in the post, and it made me feel quite emotional. It was from Margot from the Sevilo Blog. Margot was a member of my Projects that WOW! class, and she’d won a prize during the class, so she had my address from the back of the parcel I’d sent to her. I didn’t expect a gift in return, but she sent me a lovely necklace and buttons made from her home country’s New Zealand Paua Shell:

From Margot

Margot also sent a lovely Thank-You note saying how much she enjoyed the class, it was great to hear about someone liking it so much! (If anyone reading this took my class and didn’t complete the survey yet, you can still fill that out HERE – I’ll be very grateful!) Thank you Margot, I’ve been wearing the necklace lots already… I’m saving the buttons for something!

5. I won this prize during the Pebbles Basics Blog Hop, and it was delivered so fast:

Pebbles Inc

I admit when I opened this I jumped up and down with excitement to see the candy dots – everything in the prize is gorgeous but the candy dots are so me!

6. Finally, this was a gift from my amazing In-Laws. My husband’s parents go to the US every few years for a holiday, and they always bring us back lovely presents. This time I sent them with a few suggestions of crafting gifts they could get from Michaels, and they were super generous… look at this lot:

Heidi Swapp and Simple Stories

Pretty pretty pretty! I keep stroking the stencils. I do love my In-Laws!

So there’s been a huge amount of lovely things to stop me worrying about moving house. Now I need to order a large load of photos so that I can get scrapping!

Have you won anything lately?

Jennifer x

11 thoughts on “Lots of parcels making me happy!”

  1. Wow you did a fantastic job winning prizes, enjoy! And for your missing garden you might try using Pots..different hieights and kinds really will help with that lack of garden feel.


  2. Wow Jennifer! You really have been doing well! Glad you’ve enjoyed using the ribbons – I got myself a pack too! You should never feel bad about showing off what you’ve won – I love to see other people’s goodies almost as much as I enjoy getting prizes myself! Can’t wait for Frosty Festivities in November – see you then :o)xxx


  3. Wow!! What a lucky lady you are winning so many wonderful things!
    And I understand why you want to stay living where you do. We’ve just returned from a visit there and loved it. I’m wishing we could have stayed longer and I hope to revisit one day. Good luck with the house hunting!


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