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Pretty Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots!

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Now it’s time for a bit of craft room cleansing, and I’ve been needing somewhere pretty to store my paintbrushes. The paint-stained jar I had worked fine, but it wasn’t very aesthetic. Because my craft space is in my dining room I’m trying to keep it looking smart!

Now they look tidy and unique…

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Here’s how to make your own Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots…

Step 1: Find two cardboard tubes of roughly the same size (mine are 4.5″ tall):

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 2: Use Gesso to whitewash the inside of the cardboard tubes:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 3: Cover the tubes with patterned paper – this will be easier with the thinner kind of patterned paper, mine was from an American Crafts pad. Use a gluestick to adhere it:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 4: Find a plastic yoghurt pot, trim the rim off and cut the main pot in half, to form the two toe-pieces of the boots. Attach to the front of the cardboard tubes with tape – note that the pot won’t sit neatly against the tube – there will be a gap:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 5: Stick a weight in the yoghurt pot halves, I used plasticine. If you don’t want your rain boots to rattle then stick it in with hot glue (mine rattle as I didn’t think of that until it was too late!):

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 6: Cut two pieces of cardboard from packaging for the soles of your boots, and tape them on. Then tear up lots of pieces of tissue paper and use decopatch glue to adhere them all over the tape, toe-pieces, and soles. Make sure you finish the top layer of tissue paper with more glue or varnish so it doesn’t peel off. Leave to dry:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 7: Coat the tissue paper in a layer of Gesso then a layer of acrylic paint (both stippled on rather than brushstrokes), drying between layers:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 8: Spritz the bottom of the rain boots with mist (I used gold mist), allowing it to pool at the base. Leave to dry overnight:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 9: Do some rough stamping on the painted area of the boots. Add some ribbon or trim to the top of the boots with a hot glue gun. Use some PVA glue to make a thick line around the base of each boot, and shake on some chunky glitter. Leave to dry then brush off excess glitter:

Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

Step 10: Decorate the boots with bows made of string, flowers, buttons, and gems. Fill with paintbrushes or pencils and display in your craft room:

  Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots Tutorial by Jennifer Grace

I love these, but now I want some real wellington boots that look like this! Would you wear rain boots like these?!

Be Inspired:

Make some pretty storage for something in your home

Use some rain boots (wellies / gumboots) or your next project

Layer some paint, mist, and glitter

What do you think? What shape would you make to store your paintbrushes / pens? If you need another idea you can see my Vintage Book Pen Pot Tutorial from a previous event!

Remember that commenting on this post, and any other over this weekend, will count as another entry into the Grand Giveaway, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!  {NOW CLOSED}

See you again in an hour!

Jennifer x

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33 thoughts on “Pretty Rain Boots Paintbrush Pots!”

  1. Ooooh! This is such a fun idea Jennifer! And it would adapt well as a Christmas decoration too … Just thinking ahead! I loved your vintage book tutorial too and I actually won the giveaway that went with it :o)


  2. Oh my …. I spotted this in your craft room this morning and admired it!! I didn’t realise you had made it …. it really is fab!! xx


  3. These are precious. I love the sparkle. I think if I were going to make something similar to this I’d want to *attempt* to make it look like a tree.


  4. Oh lordy, lordy – what a novel fun idea! I’ll have to get my thinking cap on! Great idea! (In fact where do you think of so many fabulous ideas!!!!)


  5. What a cute idea! I love these Wellingtons! They look adorable and I love that you recycled and reused items! Those are the best projects in my opinion! TFS!


  6. Very cute idea and execution. I’ve thought about using a bunch of paper towel and toilet paper rolls cut to different heights for pencils/brushes. Basically, just cover them in decorative papers and tape or glue them together so that the tops are open at different heights.


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