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Flavoured Water To Cleanse The Palette

(This post is part of my Refresh Your Craft & Soul Blog Event – see the beginning HERE!)

Good morning!

We’re starting the day off with a quick refreshing drink!

Flavoured Water To Cleanse The Palette:

Flavoured Water at Jennifer Grace Creates

My word for the year is ‘cleanse’, and when I made a layout about it in January (see HERE), one of the things I wanted to focus on was drinking more water. I drink too much diet coke and orange squash which are full of artificial sweeteners, and I want to try and decrease that!

So I started to look for ideas to make water more interesting. I found THIS RECIPE at ‘A Pretty Life’ which looked easy enough for me to handle! I changed it up to use what I had to hand though…

Flavoured Water at Jennifer Grace Creates

I used 1 orange, 8 medium strawberries, and two pineapple slices from a tin.

First I half-filled my jug with ice cubes (star and x shaped ones!):

Flavoured Water at Jennifer Grace Creates

Then I added enough water to just about cover the ice, and put the the chopped up strawberries, orange, and pineapple in on top, and mixed it about a bit with a chopstick:

Flavoured Water at Jennifer Grace Creates

I also added a teeny bit of pineapple juice because it was right there in front of me, but only a little as I didn’t want the water to go too cloudy.

I left it for about 20 minutes to mull, then poured it into a glass, using a spoon to make sure I got a couple of fruity bits:

Flavoured Water at Jennifer Grace Creates

At this point the water didn’t taste that different, just a bit tangy, the fruit was nice though. I left it for a couple of hours after that and then had another glass, which was lovely! I need to start doing this every morning when I wake up… and trying different flavours!

Are you good at drinking water to stay refreshed?

Be Inspired:

Go make some flavoured water or a healthy smoothie

Use some fruity products on your next project

Try a transparent / icy technique on a papercraft item

Are you feeling bright and energised this morning? There’s lots and lots more to come today!

Remember that commenting on this post, and any other over this weekend, will count as another entry into the Grand Giveaway, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!  {NOW CLOSED}

See you again in an hour!

Jennifer x

31 thoughts on “Flavoured Water To Cleanse The Palette”

  1. weeeeeeeeeell, I’d love a glass! It looks so inviting! I imagine that an hour after the drink is made the fruit juices would infuse more… yum!


  2. I have to say that I drink lots of water when I am at work as we have an ice cold water fountain. I definitely need to drink more when I am at home at the weekend though. This looks lovely 🙂


  3. Looks gorgeously summery and refreshing, I will have to try this.
    I’ve done a similar thing with cucumber, sounds weird but it’s lovely honest! Homemade lemonade is nice too, but I drink a lot of just plain water too – I didn’t used to like the taste of Norfolk tap water, when I first moved here from Cornwall, but I’ve got used to it now and drinks pints of the stuff every day :o)


  4. Love the colours in this and your shaped ice cubes. Yes it does look like a great colour combo for a LO or card.


  5. This looks yummy … i drink a couple of mugs of hot water & lemon each day but other than that it’s coffee all the way!!


  6. YUM! I drink at least a gallon of water a day and in the summer I look for different flavors to add and this sounds luscious! TFS!


  7. I’m thinking that if you start with room temperature water and add the ice when you are ready to drink, the flavors might infuse more quickly? Icy transparent element – punched vellum snowflakes!


  8. I’ve been doing this lately only just with the fresh fruit and water. Basically just muddle the fruit so that it’s bruised and juicy but not pulverized in the bottom of the pitcher and add water. I’ve tried strawberry, orange and… I forget 🙂 but they were really good.


  9. I really want to start drinking infused water. This sounds delicious. I am very good about drinking water. Although where I live the water is pretty yucky (heavily chlorinated) so adding some fruity goodness may be the ticket.


  10. I’m so bad at drinking water. I always somehow forget to hydrate myself. It makes me sound stupid, because it’s a basic necessity of life.


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