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Box Frame Art – Weird And Wonderful!

I mentioned that I had a box frame to show you, which I filled with a fantastical scene – including a man riding a unicycle…

Humphrey Explores a Distant Planet:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

Ha. Slightly weird but mostly wonderful I hope?!

I was inspired to create this box art after we visited the city of Bath in May. It was the Bath Fringe Festival while we were there, and though we didn’t see many events (that wasn’t why we’d gone to Bath, it just happened to be on at the time), there was one pop-up art exhibition that caught my imagination. It was called ‘Out Of The Box’ and featured all kinds of 3D artworks in box frames. I particularly loved those by Celina Garcia-Leoni – you can see some examples of her work at her website Artboxed – I especially liked the one called ‘Winter Volcanoes’. They were fun, whimsical, and colourful!

So I gathered together a box frame from Ikea, and a collection of fun objects I’ve collected over the years, because I’m such a hoarder:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

And then I played around with them until I decided what to use – I didn’t use all of the above, but I did find some more items as I worked too.

My friend Rosie, who was also in Bath and was the one who told me about the Out Of The Box exhibition, wanted to fill her own box frame too. So we spent one fun evening putting them together. Because it was dark, and because I was having too much fun to keep stopping, I’m afraid I didn’t take and photos of the process. But I’ll talk you through how I put it together and why I made certain choices!

The star of the show was always going to be Humphrey – he’s the guy in the top hat, with a fabulous moustache, riding a unicycle. He used to ride a penny farthing – here’s what he looked like in his glory days:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

The above photo is actually of Victor. Humphrey got broken by a certain cheeky boy a couple of years ago, so when I saw Victor in a 99p store I had to get him. But I couldn’t part with poor old Humphrey, I’d bought him at university, where he used to sit on my desk and tell me tales of his adventures!

Now he has a new lease of life – I gave him a unicycle wheel which is actually part of a broken flashing yo-yo. I stuck the bits together with hot glue, so the wheel won’t actually turn, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping him:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

Because I wanted him to by unicycling somewhere fantastic, I covered the back of the frame with a piece of ledger paper sprinkled with drops of gold and light grey mist, and the base just has a dreamy piece of paper cut to resemble sloping ground.

The sky needed to be filled with interesting things. I’d saved a headlight which hubby had deemed useless from his old car parts, and we managed to prize off the thick dome of glass at the top of the headlight. I printed a moon image (found on google search), dolloped some Glossy Accents in the middle of the moon image, and stuck the glass dome on top:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

I had to leave it to dry for a few hours before I could stick it to the background (I used hot glue again). I stuck a broken marble next to it as another planet too. They look suitably fantastical:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

In the other corner I wanted a hot air balloon. I started rummaging through a box of old and broken jewellery – I was hoping to find a badge or something that looked a bit like a hot air balloon, when I actually found a hot air balloon brooch! I let out a little ‘Wahoo’ at this point!

Then I made a few extra hot air balloons with different beads, all stuck onto the background with Glossy Accents:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

I have quite a collection of pretty shells, which used to be my Nanna’s, but she gave them to me for my crafting. I used this one as a strange street light, by decorating the swirls with gold ribbon (hot glued at the back with each turn around the shell), and a small bulb – I can’t remember what I got this from but it’s about the size of a Christmas fairy-lights bulb:

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

Then I just added some yellow sand and shells (bought from the candle accessories area of Ikea) along the bottom of the frame, along with some driftwood for Humphrey to ride across, and a tiny giraffe following him. I did think about having something more alien-like, but that was pushing it too much onto the weird end of the scale. The giraffe is good because he’s familiar but just the wrong size!

Box Frame Art - Weird and Wonderful by Jennifer Grace

I have this hanging in my entryway now, and it makes me smile each time I come home and see it! I love thinking of Humphrey off on travels on distant planets!

What do you think, have you ever filled a box frame – if so what did you fill it with? Or what would you put in a box frame if you had one? Do you hoard lots of unusual objects like I do?!

Have a great day! I’ll be back on Saturday with a new Scrap 365 Sketch Layout!

Jennifer x

4 thoughts on “Box Frame Art – Weird And Wonderful!”

  1. Love the way your imagination journeys to far away places and then creates. Thanks for the written details. Love your piece of art. I have made a few shadow boxes and really enjoyed the process too! Thanks for sharing yours!


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