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Focus – My Word for 2015!

Here’s my first layout for 2015!

Each year I pick a word to try and think about during the coming months. Previous years have included Progress and Cleanse. This year I’ve decided to FOCUS:

2015 Focus layout by Jennifer Grace

This was mainly brought about because I get sooooo easily distracted. When I’m supposed to be designing or blogging I’ll often wander off into Facebook or Pinterest and not get my work done. Or when I’m playing with the kids I might be thinking about what I’m going to cook for tea. When I’m watching telly I’m also partly thinking about what scrappy stuff I want to buy!

I’d like to try and ficus my mind a bit. I know I won’t be able to change this part of my personality completely, but I should be able to alter it a bit, right?! My first plans are:

1. To make sure that when I turn the computer on to blog or design then I don’t check FB for at least an hour. And then I’ll set a time limit of 20 mins for how long I’m allowed to be distracted for.

2. When I’m planning to play with the kids I’ll write a little note-to-self first about what my next chore is, and then leave that note, and my phone, in a separate room to where we are playing.

They are small steps but I hope they will start to make a difference in my life. Otherwise I feel like I’m never tryuly enjoying the moment because my mind isn’t focused!

2015 Focus layout by Jennifer Grace

As a side-note to the word ‘focus’ I do also want to learn more about taking photos and playing with camera focus too!

2015 Focus layout by Jennifer Grace

Mostly I’m just trying to be happy, and bright, and me! I love this quote card from the Pink Paislee Hello Sunshine collection. The yellow background paper is from the same collection (the sheet is called ‘Rain Boots’) I cut it into four smaller squares, and then placed them on the background in the right configuration but with a little bit of gap between them so the yellow wan’t so overpowering. I’m not sure I like the black pen doodling I did at the end to finish the page off, but at least it’s something a bit different for me!

Well I feel pleased to have finished my first page for 2015, here’s to many more! Have you been scrapping / crafting much yet? Do you have a ‘word for the year’?

I’m also excited because this weekend is the big CHA show in Annaheim USA. I wish I could go to it, but that’s a far-off-dream, so instead I’ve been watching as lots of manufacturers show off new products on their blogs. I love seeing all the new things come out! Scrapbook Update has links to most of them HERE if you want to check them out. I’ll have a CHA product picks post up sometime next week to share my favourite things!

That’s all for now, have a great weekend,

Jennifer x

9 thoughts on “Focus – My Word for 2015!”

  1. Hi Jennifer, happy new year! I LOVE this bright and bubbly page and “focus” is a great word – I can’t even focus long enough to think of my word for the year at the moment, and now look you’ve offered me another distraction … just going to check out a couple of those links hehehe :o)xxx


  2. i love the LO, fresh and erm, focussed…and I like the doodling, not too dark at all. I think we’re all guilty of being easily distracted by social media, I certainly am. However, i studiously avoid the CHA sneak peeks and such. I just end up with a wish list of ridiculous proportions and get sucked into buying the ‘trending’ stuff and never use it. So for the last couple years, I’ve made a point of not looking!


  3. Great word Jennifer, and I so connect with this. I can waste hours flicking from email and facebook while doing other things and I realise that this isn’t a good way of working. I do try tactics like setting the timer, but I need to do more. Focusing on one task at a time and being mindful is the way to go. I have one word in mind but not posted about it yet. Good luck with embracing yours.


  4. What a lovely layout Jennifer, the four quarters and the placement of your layered photo look great. that’s a word to think about. i am as guilty as you for getting sidetracked all the time x x
    P.S. i just linked up to you – for your circle stencil!


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