Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card (Including Process Photos)

Today I’m sharing a baby-girl card which I’m entering into the Runway Inspired Challenge #79 (open until Friday 13th March). I’ve a few process photos too show you too!

Here’s the card I finished with…

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

If you’ve not heard of it before, the Runway Inspired Challenge Blog is about finding inspiration for crafty projects by looking at the fashion world – using designer dresses from the runway / catwalk to kick off ideas. I think you can enter any crafty project but it’s usually just cards in the inspiration and entries.

Their current challenge is a little different to normal – usually there’s just one dress for inspiration but this time it was based on the Oscars and there was a few different dresses to choose from. I ended up using this photo of Keira Knightley to gather my supplies and ideas:

Keira Knightley at the Oscars
Photo Credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

Though originally I did print out a few of the photos, and gathered a couple of papers for each of them:Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

After choosing a couple of papers for each (I made myself stick to 2 pieces of 6×6 paper per photo so I didn’t have too much to overwhelm me), then I pulled out a few embellishments for each. I wasn’t restricting myself to only using these, but they were a starting off point so I could imagine the style and colours of the card:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

It was at this point that I realised the items I’d found for the Keira Knightley dress could make a great baby-girl card, quite fitting seeing as Keira is pregnant in the photo! So I decided to concentrate on that pile of items, though I have put the others into cello bags as card-kits for next time I need a quick idea.

I started with a square kraft card blank, and tried out my papers and embellies, I knew I wanted to layer up some trims to represent the floaty layers on Keira’s dress, so I placed these across the card and tried out the chevron paper at the bottom of the card:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

And at the top:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

I decided it was more interesting at the top of the card, and it meant you could see the netting material better against the more solid paper at the bottom.

I cut a piece of the netting so it was twice the width of the card, and 2″ deep:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

And then stitched a running-stitch across the top. I had to tie the knot at the end of the netting so that it was tied onto the net itself, because any other kind of knot would slip through those holes:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

When I reached the end of the net I gathered it up, so the net was now the same width of the card (though it will want to curl like below), and tied off the end of the thread:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

I sewed a layer of scalloped muslin (a bit like the scallops on Keira’s dress), and a layer of border-lace, on top of the netting. I inked the edges of my paper with a gold ink pad and stuck the fabric layers on top using foam tape:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

Next I tried out the embellies again, including a wood-veneer silhouette of a girl:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

And while I thought the wood-veneer was cool, it wasn’t right for this card because she’s a little-girl, not a baby. So I rummaged through my stash until I found a baby on an old cut-apart card from Crate Paper:

Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card

Then all I had to do was add a few stickers and gems to finish it off:

20121211_175626 (2).jpgblog

P.S. How perfect is that pink flower (behind the ‘blessed’ flair)? I was so excited when I found it because it has script words across it like Keira’s dress!

This is the first time I’ve entered at the Runway Inspired Challenge Blog and I really enjoyed using this as a way to kick off my crafting. Have you tried getting inspiration from a dress before? What would Keira Knightley’s dress inspire you to create?

Have a great day,

Jennifer x

9 thoughts on “Runway Inspired Baby-Girl Card (Including Process Photos)”

  1. This is so lovely. I really enjoy seeing the way you combine items on the card. Your style always inspires me to try something new – this time it’s using netting.


  2. I really love this idea Jennifer and the card is beautiful. I thought initially the baby piece was a vintage card as it really reminds me of cards my parents have in a box at home from my birth.
    Jo xxxx


  3. I love that you made your own sort of mood board! The elegance and romantic nature of the dress is perfectly translated into your card. Thanks so much for joining us on the Runway! 🙂


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