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My First Weekly Vlog (Video Blog)!

Hello! Here is the start of something new… I’m trying out a vlog (a video blog)!

Jennifer Grace Creates Weekly Vlog #1

I’ve been party inspired by Jennifer Gallacher who posts ‘Diary Of A Memory Keeper’ on YouTube HERE which is like a vlog, and Amy Tangerine’s videos with Jamie Waters, both the Creative Handbook videos (first one HERE) and their new Design On Time series (first one HERE) which aren’t like vlogs at all, but they do show that they aren’t scared to be on camera!

I decided to show myself on camera more so you can all see what I look like. Be kind though, I’m certainly not used to being on camera. It took a few takes for me to stop saying ‘errrm’ a lot! Here it is…

Jennifer Grace Creates Weekly Vlog #1

This can also be viewed on YouTube HERE.

Here’s a couple of links to things I mention in the video:

The CHA-UK Creative Exchanges Event

Sarah Hurley’s Announcement of CE Speakers

The Blogtacular Website

These links can also be found beneath the video in YouTube.

What do you think? Good idea or disaster?!

I don’t think I will post on my blog every time I post a vlog on YouTube, so make sure you Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you don’t want to miss any. I just thought I should tell you about the first one here because it’s a new thing for me!

Let me know your thoughts. Do you have any crafty people that you like to watch on YouTube? Let me know so I can follow them too!

Have a great day,

Jennifer x

6 thoughts on “My First Weekly Vlog (Video Blog)!”

  1. I loved it. So great to see more of you Jennifer. I would be a jibbering wreck if I did one. I think you’re personal style will develop as you keep vlogging and your confidence improve. I thought you were really natural.
    Jo xx


  2. What a great idea Jennifer! Love your first take on your vlog and thanks for showing your projects again. The Minc layout was much better in the video as it was on a photo – and you actually could see the foiled elements! I also love your clear voice and pronunciation – makes me wanna hear more of your crafty outlets!
    Daphne x


  3. Very nice Vlog post Jennifer! I thought you appeared very relaxed and it was great seeing you “in person”! Off to subscribe to your YouTube channel so I don’t miss any of them!


  4. Loved your first vlog Jennifer – you sounded as if you’ve been doing it for ages! Very natural and friendly, it was almost like meeting you in person. Also great to get a better look at your projects. I’m already a follower on YT, so will look forward to your next one :o)


  5. A great vid Jennifer…really enjoyed it. This was as close as we’d get to seeing your projects in real life. I was surprised your feathers we so big…not something you pick up on a blog post. Good to hear you are running another blog event in May . I have subscribed to your you-tube channel 🙂 x


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