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Make An Inspiration Wall!

(This post is part of my Focus Your Craft & Soul Blog Event – see the list of all the posts HERE!)

For the last post of today I have another way to gather inspiration (like my Pot Of Inspiration last night). This one is making an inspiration wall:

Make An Inspiration Wall at Jennifer Grace Creates

This was so much fun – and it brightens up my craft space as well as giving me a place to visit for inspiration!

I didn’t think I’d have anywhere I could make an inspiration wall in my craft space. I say ‘my craft space’ but it’s actually our dining room really… it’s just a dining room full of crafty stuff! Two walls are taken up by big patio doors and windows, which is why I love to craft in there – it’s so light:

My Craft Space at Jennifer Grace Creates

Another wall is mostly taken up by my Expedit unit and glitter shelves:

My Craft Space at Jennifer Grace Creates

Then I realised I could use the back of a door to add my inspiration pieces to! I chose to use this door, as it opens inwards, so when the door is open it will be hidden:

My Craft Space at Jennifer Grace Creates

I gathered a variety of bits of inspiration, including THIS PRINT, some postcards, a wool-wrap piece I made at college, a piece of 12×12 paper, some empty frames, washi tape and ribbon, a photo, some Amy Tangerine Creative Handbook pages, and the latest Mollie Makes magazine for the ‘Geo Origami’ page to make some 3D triangles:

Make An Inspiration Wall at Jennifer Grace Creates

Plus some trusty Blu Tack to stick some items up with!

Then I just kept adding to the door until I was happy. You can watch me putting it together in this video if you like (there’s no voiceover, just music):


You can also watch it on YouTube HERE.

I love how the very different pieces all came together!

Make An Inspiration Wall at Jennifer Grace Creates

One thing to point out is that I stuck a little piece of Blu Tack at the bottom of each frame to hole it to the door – when it was just hanging with ribbon it would have swung about all over the place, so the Blu Tack keeps it where it should be!

Be Inspired:

Make some 3D origami triangles or other shape

Stick things to your next project using washi tape to hold it on

Hang a frame with ribbon – in your home or on a scrapbook page

Have you got somewhere that you could make an inspiration wall in your house?

Thanks for joining me today, I’ll see you again at 10pm tomorrow!

Jennifer x

20 thoughts on “Make An Inspiration Wall!”

  1. Nice idea,,,,,but I really haven’t anywhere I could do it!!!!!!!! The only wall space is a strip 3foot down from the ceiling (the room is 10foot high) and I wouldn’t be able to see/change it very easily!!!!! LOL I love how your crafting space is so tidy and neat Jennifer!!!!!!


  2. That looks amazing!!! Loved your video and the process! How cool are those 3D triangles!! They are perfect in that space too! Jennifer – your ideas are extraordinary!!


  3. I have an INSPIRATION wall still up in my office, which doubled as my craft room before I transformed an extra guest room into a craft room. I don’t have a designated INSPIRATION board in my craft room, but I do have lots of pieces that inspire me throughout the room.


  4. I’ve sorta done this on a wall with some of my scrap pages….& I change them around every now and then……it’s really nice to have stuff up that gives you ideas and simply makes you happy!!!! Thanks for sharing:):)


  5. I just switched rooms with my hubby because I wanted the bigger room for my craft space and he is hardly ever in his office. I made me an inspiration wall. I will take a photo when it gets daylight and post it.


  6. That looks so lovely Jennifer and now you’ve inspired me. I have my mood board for OLW and have been trying to figure out a way to get all my OLW bits together and now you’ve given me some great dieas
    Jo xxx


  7. What a gorgeous green view from your dining room and the back of the door is such a great place for the inspiration “board.”


  8. OK now this is brilliant. Love your resourceful mind Jennifer. I am short on space so I am going to take your lead and do the same. Enjoyed your process video and especially love the camera quote! Thanks for making my day!


  9. Your dining room closely resembles ours….a craft room with a dining table in it!!! I have a cork board on the wall that I sometimes use for inspiration.


  10. Its a beautiful room to craft in to bright. I have never thought of creating an inspiration focus for myself before…i think it will definatly help me on those days when nothing springs to mind


  11. Loved seeing your craft space in your light-filled dining room!!!! I have my craft stuff all over my living room currently, but my son is working on finishing a room down in the basement for himself so I hope to have his room for crafting eventually. 🙂 Maybe I will have a wall then……if they aren’t all covered with shelves of my stuff!!! lol…
    Wish I had more time to work on your challenges!!! This has been a busy week, but I have put in a couple cards so far.
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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