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CLICK! Camera Mug – A Quick Make

(This post is part of my Focus Your Craft & Soul Blog Event – see the list of all the posts HERE!)

As the event draws to a close (this is the penultimate post) I’m finishing off with a quick make – a mug featuring a camera:

Click Camera Mug at Jennifer Grace Creates

All you need is a mug, some porcelain Pens, and an oven to bake it in!

I used ordinary Sharpie pens, but in my experience these don’t last forever on ceramics. You have to wash them gently and they will still eventually fade. So I’d recommend porcelain pens if you’re giving this as a gift. I will update this post once I’ve tried it with porcelain pens too. There are some tips HERE for drawing on mugs, of which I’m going to try a few out.

If you are keeping the mug for yourself it doesn’t matter so much, because when the design eventually wears off you can just draw a new design on!

Click Camera Mug at Jennifer Grace Creates

Doodle on a camera, an arrow, and the word ‘click’ with the black Sharpie:

Click Camera Mug at Jennifer Grace Creates

You can wipe the design off with a wet piece of kitchen paper if you go wrong at any point.

Colour it in with the gold Sharpie:

Click Camera Mug at Jennifer Grace Creates

And bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius / 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s recommended that you put the mug into the cold oven, then once the oven reaches temperature you start counting your 30 minutes. Then turn the oven off and let it cool down with the mug still inside. This seems to give the best chance for the design to stay on longer!

The colours of mine did fade a bit in the oven too, another reason I’m going to try some different pens:

Click Camera Mug at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’m happy to use this in the meantime though!

Be Inspired:

Doodle a camera or arrow on your next project

Criss-cross some lines to make a diamond pattern

Use black and gold for a bold design

What would you draw on your mug? I want to get a whole bunch and start doodling!

I’ll see you soon for the last post of the event!

Jennifer x

19 thoughts on “CLICK! Camera Mug – A Quick Make”

  1. Super idea!!! Will keep the grandchildren quiet for a little while!! Might have to use Sharpies though!!


  2. What an adorable way to create a personalized gift for someone special! I will have to remember to pull out my sharpie pens and get doodling!


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