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Get Close To The Detail – Them Buttons Layout

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I’m good at taking pictures of people and places, but I need to remember more often to zoom in close to the detail too! I really want to capture these things to look back on in years to come.

For this layout I’ve focused on my daughter’s hands doing up her shirt buttons, something she still struggles with but is so proud of herself on the days she manages it:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

I really like the ‘don’t be pushed by your problems, be lead by your dreams’ Ralph Waldo Emmerson quote from a piece of Webster’s Pages Dream In Color paper. It’s such a positive suggestion to turn your worries around and work towards goals instead!

When I started this page I’d originally planned to put the photos on a grid paper background with a coral-pink cardstock border:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

But I decided it looking boring! I think I was drawn to the grid paper because it’s such an everyday photo with not much colour in it. But who says everyday photos should be on plain paper?

Once I switched it to this special piece of Crate Paper Craft Market Gold Glitter Accent Paper it looked much more fun and positive, plus the chevrons pointing down act like arrows and create a focal point down the middle of the page:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

I wrote my journaling on a thin strip of grid paper, and adhered it to a ‘shelf’ I cut from wood patterned paper. Then I flipped it over and added two layers of foam tape just along the bottom of the shelf:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

I stuck the ‘shelf’ along the bottom of the layout, then tucked buttons all the way along it! I also used a button in my title for the ‘o’:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

The dark brown of the ‘shelf’ was a bit dominating, so I made sure to use brown at the top of the page too, with bronze alphas and a button for the word ‘buttons’ and the word ‘them’ has brown letters. I also punched a couple of tiny stars from the wood paper and added them to the page with pop-dots:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

The ‘shelf’ was a fun way to use up some of my button stash:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

Do you spot the pink triangle enamel shape on top of the left-hand photo? It’s pointing as an arrow towards my daughter’s hands. I also used a geotag as another ‘arrow’ on the quote piece:

Get Close To The Detail - Them Buttons Layout

Everything helps to keep your eye moving around the page!

Be Inspired:

Use a ‘special’ piece of paper for an everyday photo or card

Make a shelf and put buttons along it

Use a triangle or a geotag as an arrow

What do you think of the swap to the special paper – are you a glitter paper lover or not?

I’ll see you again at 1pm!

Jennifer x

21 thoughts on “Get Close To The Detail – Them Buttons Layout”

  1. something else I’ve never thought of zooming in and taking close up shots something else on my list to try lol xx


  2. love how you have documented the everyday, the current, the now…as you know I am not a huge fan of glitter and bling Jennifer but you have inspired me to use more over the years I have known you!


  3. I TOTALLY love glitter paper and think its a GREAT swap! And what little girls wouldn’t like her photo done up in pink and gold glitter! How fabulous is the button shelf too!


  4. Love love love the glittery paper!!! This is such a sweet LO. All your elements work so well together. Love the pink and brown color scheme and your genius use of the buttons on the shelf! I need to use buttons more often!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  5. I think the swap was the perfect idea!! I love that paper and I am going to see if I have it in mys stash to use for this challenge. I have some super cute photos of my boxers to scrap.


  6. Buttons weren’t too much of a problem – it was laces my daughter struggled with. I take a lot of detail photos so may do this challenge.


  7. I do love a buton or two on my layouts and the shelf of them is great. Fabby idea on the close up photos for an event too..


  8. I don’t usually use buttons, but I think I might have to start adding some buttons onto my projects now. I love this layout.


  9. Awww, its a major achievement for them at that age.It still makes me smile in the mornings when my youngest has his school shirt buttons done up a bit skewiff.

    Great layout, and makes that bold patterned paper less frightening to use


  10. Great layout. I love it with the glitter. Glitter paper is good with me unless it sheds – then everyone else in the house gets a little grumpy with me!!


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