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My Life: May 2015 In Pictures

I’ve been missing sharing my family photos on here, so I thought I’d try to do more of that again. On the last Sunday of every month I will post pictures from that month, not loads of them, but a few of my favourites!

Here’s my May 2015 In Pictures:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

On the 2nd of May my brother and his wife renewed their wedding vows, which I already mentioned on my ‘Teal, Gold, & White Colour Combo’ post HERE – that post also includes a photo of my kids as best man / page boy and bridesmaid. But I wanted to share the photo of the happy couple (above) and a couple of others…

This one shows my hubby and my dad, being silly wearing the best man / page boy hats that belonged to my son and nephew:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

Very dapper!

This picture below is of me, my mum, my brother, and my sister – the hats and fascinators were all made by my mum who is a very talented hat maker (you can see more of her hats HERE). This was the first time I’d seen my sister in 9 months as she’s been away traveling so it was great to catch up with her:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

Did you spot that I’m also wearing my Seahorse Earrings!

On May the 4th we went to Corfe Castle, because they had a viking event on and my daughter is studying the vikings at school. Cheeky boy was incredibly excited about the viking ship, but disappointed that he wasn’t allowed to play on it:

Viking Ship at Corfe Castle - May 2015 In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

I had won a £10 National Trust voucher when I took part in a Twitter Chat (THIS ONE with @mum_themadhouse and @munchbunchdairy) so I let the kids buy a wooden sword each from the National Trust shop, which they have begged me for before and I’ve always said they were too expensive!

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

On the 16th of May, while my blog event was going on, I popped out to Durlston Country Park with some of the girls and families from my Rainbows unit (Girlguiding unit for girls aged 5-7 – I’m the leader-in-training). We went to sit on the hill and sketch the lighthouse as part of a badge we are working towards, and we were so lucky with the glorious sunny weather:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

On May 20th my daughter had a dress-up day at school, she was supposed to go as her favourite animal (to raise money for the local animal shelter). She wanted to be a snow tiger because of her favourite soft toy, a snow tiger called Salad (which I scrapped a layout about HERE).

I sat up late into the night stitching some ears and a tail, and drawing stripes onto them and an old t-shirt with a sharpie pen. Then in the morning we just added some facepaint:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

Finally last Friday (the 29th May) we wanted to have a day out, but it was pouring with rain in the morning. Plus we needed to get another cabinet for our kitchen (which we’ve been doing up since June last year), so we went to Ikea which the kids were happy about as they love the play area!

Then on the way back it turned really sunny, so we thought we’d pop into Bournemouth to check out the Wheels festival. By the time we got there it was 6.30pm and most things were packed up for the day. We did watch a brief bit of a skateboard / bike / rollerblade show, but the kids were not that interested. So instead we just let them play on the beach for a bit:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

And then they had a go on one of the rides… Cheeky Boy was excited at first but not so sure once it started going round the track:

My Life - May In Pictures at Jennifer Grace Creates

It was nice to be out for the day anyway!

What did you get up to in May? Do you like seeing my family pictures like this on my blog as well as craft projects?

Have a great day,

Jennifer x

4 thoughts on “My Life: May 2015 In Pictures”

  1. What a fun post…..I do my PL in months – since there’s just the 2 of us at home, now….so it works for me. LOVE those wooden swords – bet they’re a hit! The pic of the kids sketching is fabulous….& [scuse the cheek]…is that SAND I spy???!!! We get told here all English beaches are pebbles!!! So not true….so thanks for that lesson!!!


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