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Where I’ve Been – Summer 2015 Recap

Hello! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few months then this post is for you!

Sorry I’ve been absent. I haven’t been doing anything dramatic or incredibly exciting. Life just became super-duper busy for a little while.

The first thing was that I started a new job in June, as a school librarian for a primary school. It’s only 9 hours a week, 3 hours each across 3 days, but those 3 days were my son’s days at nursery (pre-school), so I had less time to get things done. Also I was working a little outside of my 9 hours – because it was a new job and I wanted to make a good impression (my first job in 7 years!), but also because I found it really interesting!

Here’s where I now spend my working hours:

Jennifer Grace Creates

One of my tasks is to make it more colourful – I get to decorate! I will show you how it looks in a few months. I only work during term time so I didn’t have much time to make changes before the summer holidays… my first activity was to sort it out as everything was a bit jumbled up – they hadn’t had a librarian for a while.

On the 5th of June I attended the Dorset Team’s Etsy Craft Party in Poole, which you can see a video of below. I made the octahedron (diamond-like) garland which is hanging over the mirror behind me in the video – I used my Cricut Explore to make it but it still took ages! I will try to write up a tutorial for it at some point, as it did look bright and pretty!


I celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 24th of June, some of my friends came to join me for a picnic in the park, we played boules and sipped peach bellinis while the kids ran round the playpark:

Jennifer Grace Creates

On another day we grabbed some after-school sunshine by taking a picnic tea to the beach:

Jennifer Grace Creates

We drove up to Bedford one weekend to visit some University friends. My kids fell in love with their dog. We are now working on Daddy to convince him we need a dog. Maybe in a few years we might talk him round!

DSC_0703 (2)

I’m a member of the PTA for my daughter’s school, so one thing keeping me busy in June was preparing for our school summer fete on the first weekend in July. It’s an epic day with traditional games and rides during the day, then live music, a hog roast, and a drinks tent in the evening. I can’t show a photo of the whole field as we aren’t allowed to share photos of the school kids online, but here’s my daughter hurtling down the hill on the trolley ride. It cost 50p for 3 goes, so she had about 12 goes! It was her favourite!

Jennifer Grace Creates

Then it was cheeky boy’s 4th birthday. He got lots of Octonauts and Lego presents. Then for his party my Mum, who is a professional party clown, came and did a show:

Jennifer Grace Creates

We had a lot of Octonauts themed things – I made ‘kelp’ cakes – fairy cakes with blue icing and green sprinkles, I found some fish biscuits, and there was an Octonauts playzone of all his toys spread out on a blue blanket which we taped in one corner of the room. He was also suitably impressed with a watermelon shark, which Daddy made after Mummy found the photo on Pinterest:

Jennifer Grace Creates

The same day as his party it was also the Summer Carnival procession in our town. I am the local Rainbows leader (another thing that keeps me busy with planning and running the meetings, but also doing the admin and accounts!) – it’s a girl guiding unit for girls aged 5 – 7. So after the party I went off with my daughter to join our Rainbows unit, all of us dressed as pilgrims! The theme for the procession was ‘The Wild West’ but we decided our twist would be ‘American Settlers’. I have cropped out the background of the photo because there were lots of people behind us:

Jennifer Grace Creates

We won 1st place out of the youth groups, which isn’t a major deal as there were not that many youth groups in it, but we were very proud none-the-less! Especially as it was cold and rainy so we were pleased we’d all made it to the end!

I took part in the Summertime Surprise Project – a box swap organised by the fabulous Capture By Lucy. Except I forgot to join in with the whole sharing-it-on-instagram thing, I’ve only just shared it today. I posted my box out a few days late too, but that was because I was waiting for a handmade item to dry! It all happened around the 26th of July… if you want to check out what boxes people received you can see them on the #summertimesurpriseproject hashtag on Instagram HERE. Apparently the Autumn swap sign-ups open tomorrow, I will come back and link it when it’s live!

Here’s the fun box I received from Louise at JunkShopVenus. Check out here instagram HERE. It looks like she’s on an American adventure at the moment, lots of cool photos on her feed right now! We had to mention a few things we liked, for example I said the colour aqua, little items to stick on my cards / layouts, and the flavour lime – here’s what I received:Jennifer Grace Creates

Isn’t it awesome! I’m totally loving the box, the washi tape, and the acrylic birds in particular, but it’s all good. I was so happy when I opened it up!

Here’s the box I sent out to Louise. She’d said she liked Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Blackbirds, Mermaids, Bags, Stationery, and Caravans. NOT florals! I couldn’t find much in the shops to match these things, so I sent her lots of handmade bits and pieces. I was particularly pleased with my wooden dolls of Wonder Woman and Princess Leia (which is what took ages to dry as I had to paint lots of layers):

Jennifer Grace Creates

At the beginning of August me and the kids went to stay with My Mum, Step-Dad, and sister. My brother and his wife & kids live in the same town too. So we spent some lovely days playing in the sunshine and going out lots – to the beach, the zoo, an outdoor swimming pool, and more! Here’s my kids with their cousins:

Jennifer Grace Creates

Here’s me and my sister being silly in Chiquitos:


In mid-August we went away camping for four nights with this crazy bunch:

Jennifer Grace Creates

It rained on a couple of the days, it was so cold at night we couldn’t sleep, the kids got all their clothes wet and muddy, and I ate too much. But boy was it fun. Their was a swimming pool at the campsite so we could go indoors and swim when it rained, the children mostly amused themselves (we only had to break up a few fights for toys), we all chilled out in a gazebo we put up in the middle of our tents – drinking wine in the evening and playing cards, and I ate a lot of good food! I hope we get to do it every year!

We were camping in Charmouth, which is a good fossil hunting beach. I didn’t find any fossils, but I did find this rock with crystals inside. I don’t know what kind of crystal it is, but it’s so sparkly (it looks better in real life), and I’ve never found anything like that on a beach before, so I was chuffed:

Jennifer Grace Creates

We had some friends down from Essex for a night, so we took them to Corfe Castle – it drizzled with rain but we still enjoyed ourselves:

DSC_0871 (2)

Last week we took our annual day trip to the Weymouth Sealife Centre, which is a great day out! This time they had a Lego Deep Sea Adventure for the kids to complete challenges on the way round:


Saturday was our last adventure for the summer holidays – we went back to Weymouth to go up the Jurassic Skyline tower and play Pirates Mini Golf. It drizzled again (typical English summer holidays weather) but we still had a good time:

Jennifer Grace Creates

I haven’t done hardly any crafting at all. But my In-Laws did bring me back a set of watercolours from Michaels when they went to America in July (I asked for this set after seeing Amy Tangerine use it in her You Tube videos like THIS ONE). So I’ve been experimenting with brush script and painting some more flairs and other designs…

Jennifer Grace Creates

You’ll see more of them when they are a bit more finished!

I also went to my friend Sarah’s house for a day of scrapbooking last weekend, with Lisa-Jane joining us too, and it was the first time I had scrapbooked in 3 months! It took me a while to get back into the swing of it, but once I had it felt so therapeutic to be crafting again. I shall be back tomorrow to show you my layouts I made that day. It was also lovely to catch up with my friends. We crafted from 10am – 10pm!

So that’s it, everything that’s been keeping me away from blogging since June. This week Little Miss goes back at school, and Cheeky Boy starts school full time too! I will also be back at work, but still just for 3 days, so I will have 2 days without the kids to help me get things done. I hope to get back into regular blogging. And releasing some more things in my Happy Scatter Etsy shop. I’ve also already started planning Frosty Festivities 2015!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful few months. I’m going to try and catch up with a bit of blog reading too, so if you’ve blogged anything you’d like me to check out please leave me a link and I shall swing by!

Bye for now,

Jennifer x

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been – Summer 2015 Recap”

  1. I wondered what had happened to you 🙂 looks like a lovely summer. Well jell of your time scrapping with Sarah and LJ lol. Good to see you’ll be launching some new stuff. I really need to get back into it x


  2. What an absolutely fabulous time you’ve had…..& that is the perfect job – still off during the holidays, you get to be creative & you are around books. Win win win!!!! Loved reading what you’ve been doing in your errrrmmmm ‘drizzly’ summer weather:)


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