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Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

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Here’s another wintry item of jewellery you can keep for yourself or gift to a friend… a Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace!

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

My daughter wanted to buy these little (just under 2″ tall) glass craft jars from The Works, and they were only £1 for 6. I told her she could have 3 and I’d have 3! I was trying to think what to do with mine when I came across a tutorial for a tree-in-a-bottle necklace at The 36th Avenue HERE. I knew I had to make one, but with an addition of a little lamp post, so it reminds me of the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (one of my favourite books and films).

Here’s the bits and pieces I gathered. I also ended up using an advanced craft glue, some Mod Podge, and some wire cutters (all not pictured):

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

The little bottle-tree is from a cake decorating supply shop, so that’s a good place to look if you can’t find a small one.

Here’s how to make your necklace…

Step 1: Use wire cutters to cut the tree to the correct height:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Step 2: Drop a blob of hot glue into the base of the bottle, and stick the tree into it. Use a wooden kebab stick to help apply the glue if your glue gun hasn’t got a long enough nozzle:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Step 3: Make your lamp post, using tiny bits of black Fimo. I made a post and a ‘hat’ to fit on either side of a sparkly bead. Once the Fimo parts are made bake them in the oven according to the instructions on the packet – don’t bake the bead:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Step 4: Carefully add another blob of glue into the base of the jar. I ended up using the Advanced Craft Glue (Beacon 3-in-1) for this, as I couldn’t get the hot glue in without getting it on the glass and the tree. Stick your lamp post in:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

I would use a small bead next time, as this one was quite big which kind-of pushes the tree to one side. It looks okay, I’d just choose more carefully next time!

Step 5: I dripped a bit of Mod Podge into the jar, and tipped in some glitter and seed beads for a snowy base. I’m not sure I’d use Mod Podge next time, again it was hard getting it in without getting it down the glass, and there is some glitter suck to the glass in a few places. Next time I might just put the glitter in loose so it shakes around:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Step 6: Screw an eyelet into the top of the cork:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Step 7: Use a strong glue to put around the base of the cork, before pushing it into the jar to seal it:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Step 8: Add a chain and clasp:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Now you can wear or gift your snow scene in a bottle necklace:

Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace

Magical isn’t it?!

Be Inspired:

Put a Christmas tree next to a lamp post for a snowy scene

Create an ornament or item of jewellery inside a glass or clear plastic object

Add some sparkly beads to a project

Would you gift this or keep it for yourself? What would you put in your bottle?

Remember that commenting on this post, and any post that goes live during November 2015, will count as another entry into the Grand Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another project for Frosty Festivities 2015!

Jennifer x

18 thoughts on “Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace”

  1. Love this fun project! I am impressed with your lamp post… very clever! I would love to make one with a snowman! And I think I would keep it for myself, but make some duplicates to give!


  2. You come up with the most creative and fun projects! I’ve never seen anything like this before! It’s brilliant the way you put it all together – I love it!


  3. What a clever project – it looks fabulous – really liking the ‘magical’ feel the glittery snow gives it!!! I think this would make a gorgeous gift to giveaway….. I like the tree. I’d keep to that theme if I was creating one:)


  4. This is just the cutest thing, Jennifer. My grandkids would love this project – even my grandson! Thanks for the great tutorial! I pinned it to my Christmas Everything board.


  5. Oh my goodness-if that isn’t the cutest thing ever!!!!! I LOVE miniature things but don’t have very nimble fingers to make them. However, you do make this project look easy so perhaps I’ll give it a try.


  6. “Always winter and never Christmas”……but not in this sweet little necklace!! This is just wonderful!!! I’d rather have one of these than a whole box of Turkish Delight!!! 🙂 Thanks for all your creative ideas, Jennifer!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  7. Had to think quite hard about this, as I’d want to do something summery. Perhaps a surf board and beach-ball made out of fimo, with sand instead of glittery snow? Not Christmassy but certainly seasonal!


  8. I just got my bottles and am going to make these. I will most likely do some as ornaments. I am going to have a Narnia marathon while I craft!


  9. I love this cute idea but I just know I would never be able to get that tree into the bottle without ruining it because I’m all thumbs!


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