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Exploring Brush Lettering – and some Free Christmas Printables!

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities 2015 Blog Event – see a list of all the posts HERE)

Today I want to show you some experimenting I’ve been doing with brush lettering, plus I have some free Christmas printables for you!

Exploring Brush Lettering and Some Free Christmas Printables at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’ve been wanting to have a proper go at brush lettering for a while. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen THIS PHOTO which I took a couple of months ago, trying to be a beta tester for a Molly Jacques Workshop on calligraphy and lettering. I wasn’t lucky enough to get chosen – no wonder as there was stiff competition! But that didn’t curb my interest. I have been devouring You Tube videos on brush lettering, like THIS ONE by Amy Tangerine, and THIS ONE by Kristina Werner, and I’ve been dreaming about taking THIS CLASS with Jen Schow, which I’m sure I will once I have more time!

In the meantime I searched around for some recommendations on pens / brushes for beginners to use, and that were not too expensive! I ended up buying Tombow Fudenosuke Pens in Hard and Soft, a Tombow Art Brush Pen in Sea Green, a Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen, and a KUM Memory Point Paintbrush in Size 1:

Exploring Brush Lettering and Some Free Christmas Printables at Jennifer Grace Creates

My first trial was to write my blog name with each pen / brush. First I wrote it with my everyday non-joined up handwriting, then I attempted a more brush script style underneath:

Exploring Brush Lettering and Some Free Christmas Printables at Jennifer Grace Creates

I know from watching the videos mentioned above that one of the things to remember is to press down on the down-strokes, and lift up for a lighter line on the up-strokes, so I did that as best as I could. I’m sure that’s something I’ll get better at with lots more practice!

My next idea was to create a phrase, with a mix of writing styles – some of it being bold and straight, some being twirly and script-like. I wrote ‘Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle’ several times, each time improving my technique slightly – thinking about how close together the words were, and how to accentuate the two different writing styles:

Exploring Brush Lettering and Some Free Christmas Printables at Jennifer Grace Creates

It was fun to see how much my writing changed just by doing the same phrase several times!

Next I used the thin paintbrush to paint a merry poster which says ‘May your days be merry and bright, full of good cheer and all that is right’:

Exploring Brush Lettering and Some Free Christmas Printables at Jennifer Grace Creates

I was pretty happy with it as a first attempt, though I did realise afterwards that the large ampersand was in the wrong place – I should have practiced the layout on a spare piece of paper first. After I took the above photo I ended up going back and adding a smaller ampersand between the words merry and bright – I’m pretending the large one is decorative only!

I tried out a couple more phrases on the spare pieces of card which I had:

Exploring Brush Lettering and Some Free Christmas Printables at Jennifer Grace Creates

For all of these I was just writing on cheap white card which I buy from Poundland – I think you get 30 sheets for £1 and it’s pretty good quality.

That’s all the experimenting I’ve done so far, but I can’t wait to practice a bit more and hone my style.

I scanned in all the items I ended up with, so that you can use them as printables if you wish (personal use / gifts for friends only please!). Click HERE to download the PDF poster (you will be prompted to download, it doesn’t happen automatically).

May Your Days Be Merry Free Christmas Printable at Jennifer Grace Creates

And the smaller phrases are below – I played around with re-colouring a couple of them in Photoshop, which is another thing I need to practice more! Click HERE to download the PDF for these!

A6 Christmas Phrase Cards Printable at Jennifer Grace Creates

The white-on-red ‘tinsel in a tangle’ is my favourite!

Be Inspired:

Do some hand-lettering on your next project

Print out one of the free printables and use them on a scrapbook layout or card

Mix up some letter stickers in different styles to create a long title or message

Do you like the printables? What would you use them for?

Remember that commenting on this post, and any post that goes live during November 2015, will count as another entry into the Grand Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}, but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that prize right HERE!

I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Jennifer x

17 thoughts on “Exploring Brush Lettering – and some Free Christmas Printables!”

  1. Oooo, i love this kind of writing & have been meaning to try it myself – thanks for putting up some vids, saves me looking for them 😀


  2. How fun! I might have to give this a try myself! Thanks for the links to the videos… I’ll check them out. I have lots of the Tombow Brush Art Markers already so I can start there. Love the colors you used on your poster, and I would think about using them as a holiday card!


  3. These are fabulous! I’ve tinkered around the edges, then decided it’s not for me….but it IS fun having a go! And I reckon that big colourful one would make fabulous fast Chrissy cards for when you need them!! Thanks for being so generous and sharing !!!


  4. Brush lettering seems to be all the rage right now. I don’t know if I have the courage to try this – I don’t like my handwriting… at all. I love what you’ve done though! I think my favourite is the first one, and also the Happy Holidays. As for you question about printables, I tend to download them but then forget to use them! Silly me! I am enjoying the variety of the projects in your Frosty Festivities!


  5. Wow…you are brave!! I have done a tiny amount of hand-lettering but was only moderately satisfied. I did not invest the time in practicing, though, so I prob could get better! lol… Your printables turned out really nice!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  6. Thank you for sharing your exploration into this world. I’ve wanted to have a go at this for a while since seeing Amy Tan’s video but this has helped so much more to make sense of it all!


  7. Love the look of hand letters, but have never gotten that good at it. I guess the thing is you just have to keep trying. Thanks for sharing your trials with us.


  8. I followed some of your links and have had fun practising brush lettering myself (my results aren’t as good as yours – yet!). I’ll certainly use one of the ‘tinsel’ quotes to make a quick card – thanks!


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