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DIY Decorated Gift Box

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities 2015 Blog Event – see a list of all the posts HERE)

Hello! Today I’m back with some more pretty packaging – this DIY Decorated Gift Box:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’m a TRUE crafter. Do you know how I know? Because I collect everything and anything that looks like it might be good for a craft one day. Spot a button on the path? Pick it up and add it to my button stash. Cutting the annoying shoulder ribbons out of clothes? Keep them to use on a card one day. And today’s useful bit of collecting – pretty leaves, fake berries, and ribbons adorning your Christmas crackers? Don’t you dare throw them away! I think my family all decided I was mad when I collected all these bits off some Christmas crackers. Except my Mum, she gets it. In fact she’s probably the one who taught me to do it!

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

Along with my collection of cracker adornments, I gathered up a box to decorate, plus some useful tools including a hot glue gun and some embossing powder. I did end up using some other bits too, which you’ll see as we go along!

The first job was to paint the kraft box with white satin craft paint. It only took one coat for my box, but it will depend on the darkness of your box and the quality of your paint:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

Next (once the paint was dry) I used some Versa Mark ink to stamp teeny snowflakes around the bottom of the box and covered them with gold embossing powder. I stamped 2 at a time, tipped powder on, then moved onto the next 2, so the ink didn’t dry before tipping the powder on:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

After heat embossing the snowflakes I filled in the pattern with some stars using the same technique:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

To prepare the items for the lid I cut a couple of wires shorter with some wire cutters, and folded them back on themselves, so the cut end of the wire would be hidden under the leaves. Then I tied one of the ribbons in a pretty bow around one of the loops of wire. The bells were tied together with a bit of twine:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

And then I tied the twine to another loop of wire on some fake berries, leaving a bit of twine between the wire and the bells so they could still shake and jingle:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

I used hot glue to adhere everything to the lid. A bit of hot glue was showing more than I wanted it to, so I used some Mod Podge to blob on top of it:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

And then sprinkled on a bit of glitter to make it sparkly:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

It’s the perfect way to package up a small pressie like jewellery to make it extra special:

DIY Decorated Gift Box at Jennifer Grace Creates

I might put some of my Snowman Earrings or a Snow Scene In A Bottle Necklace in it for a gift!

Be Inspired:

Recycle something pretty like a button, ribbon, or Christmas decorations to add to a project

Use holly and berries on a layout, card, etc

Create some gold snowflakes for a bit of shine

Do you collect odds and ends in case they are useful for crafting one day?

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I’ll be back tomorrow morning (8am GMT) with the next Frosty Festivities 2015 post!

I hope you have a great day,

Jennifer x

18 thoughts on “DIY Decorated Gift Box”

  1. Another fabulous inspiration…. I actually just had a ‘cull’ of boxes – they were overtaking my scrap space…. I find it hard to throw out stuff that might ‘come in useful’… Cos usually it does, LOL!!!!


  2. I totally collect odds and ends, but I mourn the fact that Christmas crackers are an English thing and not American. I only get to see and enjoy them on the BBC shows I watch on Netflix! 🙂
    Your decorated box is just lovely!! The festive berries and leaves look wonderful against the white. I adore the gold embossing you added!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  3. How charming to give a gift within a gift!
    The oddest thing I have collected to date are some old rusty chair springs to use in an assemblage.
    I don’t actually DO assemblage yet, but I will have them when I need them…
    I think this is called “Magpie Syndrome”, hehe!


  4. Your box turned out lovely. Reusable gift boxes are wonderful. I bought a couple at a crafts fair a few years ago and every Christmas they make the rounds-some folks are more excited to get the box than what is inside!


  5. I look forward to coming here each day to see what you’ve made! This is gorgeous! So festive! To me the box is just as much of a gift as the gift inside! And the answer is yes – I save everything too! If I think I will use it some day in my crafting, I save it! These things always come in handy!


  6. If you look on my blog you will see I’ve covered a box and decorated it, just like you.We must be similar as I change anything that comes my way into a crafty item. Mum taught me to be careful and not waste anything. She was crafty too.
    Love your festive box.


  7. Oh my gosh, I am also a collector of anything that could possibly be used in a future craft, and I have to fight my urge to hang onto everything and anything because I’m running out of room! This sweet little box is really cute and has sparked my imagination!


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