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Easter Egg Bunting – Kids Craft

We’ve just had a nice relaxing weekend. On Saturday I went out for lunch with a friend, then me, hubby, and the kids went to Dorchester Library to pick up some books – we’re lucky that we can take books out from there, but still return them to our local library as they are all part of Dorset County Council. It was fun as they had lots of different books to our library. We also went and spent the kid’s World Book Day vouchers at Waterstones.

Here’s my kids dressed up for World Book Day, as Hermione and Harry Potter, and them sharing a book at Dorchester Library (ignore Little Miss’s messy hair!):

World Book Day and Dorchester Library

On Sunday we just chilled out at home all day for Mother’s Day which was lovely. I was served a bagel, strawberries, and a cup of tea in bed for my breakfast and we played some board games (Rummikub and Picture Yahtzee), then in the afternoon we did some homework, and worked on our next Staedtler Try-It-Tribe challenge, which is to design an Easter Egg.

I decided we could make some Easter Egg bunting to hang up, so I cut 6 eggs from white card using my Cricut Explore and put all our Staedtler drawing materials out on the dining table – we have crayons, felt pens, colouring pencils, highlighter pens, fineliner pens, and metallic gold and silver pens:

Easter Egg Bunting at Jennifer Grace Creates

And then I just let the kids loose!

Easter Egg Bunting at Jennifer Grace Creates

They used some of each of the drawing materials, but Cheeky Boy’s favourite items were by far the gold and silver pens. He finds them really easy to use, and though he smudged them a bit here and there it didn’t seem to bother him, and I managed to clean it off his hands and the table okay! Little Miss favoured the felt tip pens.

I love how each egg turned out differently. I didn’t give them and guidance except to say they could do patterns or pictures or a bit of each. I just wanted them to have fun and they sure did – so much that I had to go and cut another egg out each as they didn’t want to stop!

I tied the eggs all together with curling ribbon once the kids were finished:

Easter Egg Bunting at Jennifer Grace Creates

On the back of each egg we wrote ideas for what the flavours of the eggs would be. The ones I like the sound of most are the ‘Night Time Egg’ which tastes like the moon, a ‘Robot Zorg Egg’ which tastes fizzy and spiky, a ‘Minty Air’ egg, and an ‘Every Flavour Egg’ – which is the one with the girl’s face on – apparently the ‘every flavour’ only works for that one if a girl eats it, you can also get one with a boy’s face on if you’re a boy.

It was a lovely way to spend an hour or so, just watching their process and seeing their ideas, and they were very proud of the finished item:

Easter Egg Bunting at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’m tempted to make some mini Easter Egg bunting to add to a scrapbook page, what do you think?

I hope you’re having a lovely, relaxing day today!

Disclosure: Staedtler sent us the products to use for this post, but all photos, text, and opinions are our own.

Bye for now, Jennifer x

1 thought on “Easter Egg Bunting – Kids Craft”

  1. Well done to your lot! Sooo creative and it looks totally brill. And yes, to mini Easter bunting. Would look lovely on a page:):) I’ve been using a few of my Happy Scatter bits up lately & REALLY enjoying them:)!!


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