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DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been here lately again. We’re just busy, busy, busy! That’s not going to change over the next couple of weeks as I am leaving my sister housesitting, and we’re off to Florida for 2 weeks with my in-laws!

We’ve been doing a few crafty projects during the summer holidays though, and one of them is for the latest Staedtler Try-It-Tribe challenge, to put some stripes on a project. We decided to try out this Rainbow Scratch Art which we had in a book but had been waiting for the right materials – the arrival of some Staedtler Oil Pastels  seemed like the perfect time…

DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

You are supposed to use cartridge paper but I had some cheap card to hand so we used that, covering it with oil pastels:

DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

Keep going until it’s all full:

DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

Then we spreaded out some slightly watered down black acrylic paint all over the pastels:

DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

Once it’s dry we could scratch some stripy pictures. Cheeky Boy opted for a stripy spaceship and planets, Little Miss went for stripy flowers, an owl, and other doodles:

DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

They were very pleased with their finished pieces:

DIY Rainbow Scratch Art

I also recorded a short video of the making process which you can see on instagram HERE.

I hope you are having a lovely summer!

Jennifer x

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