A My Little Pony Party with DIY Costumes and Decorations!

I had an amazing time hosting a My Little Pony Party for my daughter’s 6th birthday earlier this year. Okay, it was way back in March but I only just realised I never blogged about it! I did share a layout about the pony tails I made HERE, but I wanted to share some of the other details that added to the fun…

My Little Pony Party with DIY Details at Jennifer Grace Creates

I kept a bunch of My Little Ponies from when I was young, just in case I had a daughter one day, so I was really pleased that she loves to play with them. Of course she’s a fan of the modern tv show and characters but they have the same spirit!

The main thing I wanted to do was have some pony manes and tails as ‘costumes’ for the girls to dress up in. It would have been cool to make some long lasting ones, like these crochet ears, or this velcro tail, but I didn’t really have the time or the funds. So I made mine from crepe paper, felt, and craft foam, plus some headbands picked up at the 99p store, and a bit of stitching, staples, and hot glue. Plus a couple of lovely friends (Rosie and Ali) who came to help me put them together!

Make Your Own My Little Pony Mane and Tail Costumes at Jennifer Grace Creates

Sorry I don’t have photos of the process as we made them all one evening (there may have been wine involved). I cut the ear shapes all from craft foam and sewed them with a fold, then hot-glued them to the headbands. Then we just cut lots of strips of different coloured crepe papers, and stapled them together. The ‘manes’ were hot glued to the headbands, and the ‘tails’ were sewn onto a small square of felt with a safety pin on to add it to the girl’s dresses. They all looked so colourful dashing and galloping around!

I added a bit of colour to the house too, with some rainbow crepe-paper decorations. I made these by laying some sellotape sticky-side-up on my table, then placing strips of crepe paper on top, overlapping them slightly. When I had enough colours I added sellotape on top too. Then I stuck them to walls and doors with blue-tac, and added a concertina-flower style decoration on top to hide the sellotape:

Rainbow Coloured Party Decoration at Jennifer Grace Creates

Here’s how I made the concertina flowers…

Concertina Flower Decoration at Jennifer Grace Creates

1. Fold a sheet of paper concertina style, back and forth (my paper measured approx 24x34cm, and my folds were about 2cm apart). 2. Bend the paper in half. 3. Staple together the top joining ends. 4. My flower wouldn’t meet at the bottom. You can make it meet at the bottom by using a much narrower piece of paper, but I was winging it! So I cut some notches on every-other fold, about 3cm deep. This allowed the flower to stretch enough for me to staple the other joining ends together. 5. Add some double-sided sticky tape along the rest of the joining sections (between the staple and the centre), and press them together. 6. That’s it – display your flower!

I made about 7 of the above decoration (rainbow strips with a flower at the top) to spread around the house, and in our entrance hallway I tied a long line of thread between two picture hooks, draped lots of crepe paper over the top, and added a white flower and some balloons:

Rainbow Coloured Party Decoration at Jennifer Grace Creates

See the pin-the-tail on the pony (which I made be googling for the image, arranging it in Microsoft Publisher, and printing on A3 paper – the tail is printed seperately)? I chose Twilight Sparkle (the pony) because she’s my daughter’s favourite. I also made the cake in a Twilight Sparkle shape:

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Cake at Jennifer Grace Creates

I made this without any instruction, I just played until I thought it looked okay! I baked two victoria sponges, and used one for the body and legs, and the other for the head, neck, and tail. I sliced them in half to add some jam and buttercream in the middle too.

I added Violet food colouring (PME Food Colouring) to some ready-to-roll icing, rolled it out, and placed it over the cake. I didn’t have enough to do it all in one though, so it looked a bit patchy in places:

Twilight Sparkle Birthday Cake at Jennifer Grace Creates

Never mind, the kids didn’t notice!

I also painted on some food colouring to decorate it, plus a bit more ready-to roll icing for the horn and eye, and added a few icing sugar stars too. I didn’t let my daughter see the cake until the party, and her eyes lit up. She kept saying ‘did you really make it?’ in awe, so I was happy with it even if it was a bit patchy!

We played lots of games. As well as the pin-the-tail on the pony above, we also had a pony hunt in the garden (where I’d hidden lots of her pony toys, but whoever found the one unicorn was the winner), galloping ponies (a race where they had to gallop rather than run or they were disqualified), and dancing ponies (like musical statues but they had to dance like ponies clip-clopping and whinnying!).

Little miss and all her friends were still talking about it days later. I feel like I gave her a party to remember!

My Little Pony Party with DIY Details at Jennifer Grace Creates

Have you ever made a themed party? We also threw a pirate-themed party for my son in July, so I need to blog about that one next. I’ll try to get that done next week sometime.

Bye for now, Jennifer x