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Craft Room Sort Out!

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I mentioned yesterday during the Old Stash Giveaway Post that I’d been having a craft room sort out lately. It’s always good to have a cleanse of your supplies to remind your what you own, and to get rid of unnecessary or unwanted items! This time I particularly focused on clearing out useless packaging… just wait until you see how much I got rid of!

We moved to a new house in January. Of course my craft stuff was the first thing I unpacked, but I kept looking at my Expedit thinking how messy it looked, and wishing I could find stuff easier (I had already cleared off one paper shelf on the left before I thought to stop and take this photo)…

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

The main thing to go was the pizza boxes. I was storing my supplies by manufacturer in pizza boxes, inside each box were 12×12 zip lock bags which separated scraps from whole sheets, and stickers from ephemera etc. You can see some of the pizza boxes below, but there were about another 15 boxes piled up in the corner of the room, ones which wouldn’t fit in the Expedit unit, or that had newer stash in which I hadn’t sorted out yet:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

This system used to work for me but lately it has been driving me crazy. I could never be bothered to look through more than one box, and they got all mixed up every time I rummaged through them and took ages to sort out again. Plus I kept forgetting what things I owned!

I decided to keep some of the newer collections (from the last CHA), or a couple of older ones that I still happened to have a lot of items from, in zip-lock bags. But one bag would have a whole collection in it (papers, stickers, anything), and now I store these on a new shelf unit I bought from a friend (the one on the right – the one on the left holds my kid’s craft stuff):

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

The bottom shelves have some patterned paper pads and plain cardstock too, plus any 12×12 paper sheets that didn’t go with a new collection. These are sorted roughly by colour, but I didn’t fuss about it too much as it’s easier to flick through them now anyway!

Then I started sorting  out all the embellishments that were not from new collections… and making a mess in the process!

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

See the plastic stacking tubs in the photo above? I bought them at Aldi and I got the last two (there are three compartments in each stacking set) – I wish they’d had more as they fit perfectly side-by-side in my Expedit!

I wanted to get rid of all the packaging that was clogging up my craft space, so I thought about how I could store stickers and chipboard elements without keeping the used bit of the packaging. For example this sheet of Basic Grey Mint Julep stickers was well used, there were just a couple of stickers left:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

So I cut around the stickers individually, leaving them on the backing with a slight border around each sticker:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

When sorting out the chipboard elements some came out individually with their backing paper still on, but for those that lost their backing paper, and were therefore sticky, I used talcum powder to de-sticky the backs:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

I just shook it all over and then rubbed the excess off with my finger. I can use glossy accents or glue dots to add them to my projects anyway!

I also cut up lots of tags and journal cards, and stored them with some paper ephemera shapes.

Here are the contents of one of the stacking plastic tubs sets, it contains stickers, chipboard elements, and tags / journal cards:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

The other holds some small wooden stamps, my roller doodle stamps, and some other random embellishments:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

I also have two slimline 12×12 plastic boxes which have flat alpha stickers in one, and 12×12 sticker sheets that were still really full in the other:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

And this is all the packaging I was able to throw away / recycle:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

I am so glad to be rid of all this! I can’t believe I’ve been storing it all for years!

Another thing I wanted better access to were my clear stamps. I had some stored standing up at the right-hand edge inside my bureau:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

The rest were stored in a box which I rarely dipped into. Both storage options made it hard  to flip through and choose what I wanted to use. So I re-arranged them into a box which they could stand up in, and I’ve been using them a lot more since then:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

Finally, saving the best until last, my husband built me some shelves for my glitters, embossing powders, paints, and mists. He used skirting board for the shelves because it’s nice and narrow – we bought it at B&Q. Some of you have seen this photo before but I couldn’t resist showing it off again:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

Oh, how I love this! They look so pretty and colourful. These were all stored in boxes before. I did use them but they weren’t so easy to grab, and I couldn’t see them for inspiration. A friend asked me the other day whether I actually use them at all because it looked so organised. I was happy because I use them all the time, but there’s no space to clutter the shelves so they stay tidy!

Here’s my Expedit area now:

Craft Room Clear Out at Jennifer Grace Creates

It may not have changed drastically, but it’s a lot more useable than it was before, and I’ll keep working on it! I do still have a few pizza boxes… but they’ve mostly got the giveaway prizes inside!

Be Inspired:

Sort out something in your craft space – try and get rid of some packaging

Be inspired by the rainbow of colours on the shelves

Rummage through your stamps and use some unloved ones

Do you get rid of excess packaging?

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I’ll see you again at 11am!

Jennifer x