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I’m Dreaming of Cosy Crochet

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities 2013 Blog Event)

When winter comes around I always want to wrap us all up in woolly hats and scarves. Every year I plan to crochet some – I’ve managed to make fingerless gloves before, but without fingers they weren’t warm enough! So this year hats were top of my list to try – if my crochet skills were up to it. Apart from the gloves the only other thing I’ve ever crocheted were little flowers for scrapbook pages!

I should have faith in myself though, as thanks to this event giving me an early push, I’ve managed to make this hat for my little cheeky boy…

Cosy Crochet Hat:

Cosy Crochet Hat by Jennifer Grace

Hee hee! I think I need to add some ties to keep the earflaps down so the wind doesn’t get into his ears, but other than that I’m quite proud of it!

I put this photo on the facebook chat group as part of a ‘guess the project’ photo contest I ran in advance of this event:

Crochet Hat in Process

No-one guessed a hat! I wasn’t just trying to be tricky though, I was just getting some support because when I was crocheting it I kept saying ‘it doesn’t look like a hat’, and I just had to believe it would get there in the end! My favourite guess for what the hat could be was Bethany’s suggestion that it was ‘a foot warmer for a baby elephant’. Love it!

I can’t give out a tutorial for this one, as I didn’t come up with the design myself. I got it out of this book:

Crochet Step by Step Book

Which has lots of great instructions for beginners, and some very cute projects. I adapted one of the projects – the hat in the book is a baby hat with round ears attached, and no pom-pom:

Adapting Crochet

So I just changed the colours, left the ears off, and added a pom-pom and a few stitched snowflakes. I also had to increase it a little bit extra as the pattern was for a baby’s hat – I think mine ended up a little too big, but never mind, it will fit him for longer!

Now little miss has requested a rainbow hat so that’s next on my list. Then here’s a few other crochet projects I’d love to try:

These adorable Cowboy Boots

This Rufflet Caplet for girls

These Puffy Hearts

Isn’t there lots of cuteness there? You can imagine me sitting on my red sofa crocheting away this winter.

Be Inspired:

Go pull a craft book off your shelf and make a project you’ve been meaning to try

Put a pom-pom on something

Stitch some snowflakes

I’ll see you again in an hour! Jennifer x

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