Happy Scatter

New Happy Scatter Items At Last!

Hello! It’s been a long time since I uploaded some new items to my Etsy shop, Happy Scatter. The last time was May 2015! I can’t believe it’s been so long, but with starting a part time job in June plus all the volunteer work I do, I guess it’s not that surprising that my designing took a back seat for a while. I had started designing the new items ages ago but never got round to finishing them off and actually making them!

For the last month-or-so I’ve been joining in with Etsy Resolution, a bootcamp for Etsy shop owners. It’s been super inspiring and helped me to improve lots of areas of the shop like understanding SEO. It definitely helped give me a kick to get more items listed!

Here’s the new bits and pieces you can now find in the shop:

New Happy Scatter Products Release Feb 2016

Fun huh? There’s 2 die cut cards sets (the ‘See The World’ travel set and the ‘Home’ set), 3 new stencils (the ‘Ahoy There’ anchors stencil, the ‘Wood Slice’ stencil, and the ‘Edgy Chevron Arrows’ stencil), and 3 new flair buttons sets (the ‘Time To Go’ travel flair, the ‘The Sea Is Calling Me’ flair, and the ‘Just Lovely’ flair).

My favourite new item is the anchors stencil. We do live by the beach so nautical items are always good here, plus I’ve always wanted to get an anchor tattoo. I’m just not brave enough. Adding these to my projects will keep me happy in the meantime:

Ahoy There Anchors Stencil Happy Scatter Etsy Shop

The flair are all quite cute too though. I know I’m biased because I designed them! In my opinion the best one is the little shelf with cacti on. Which one do you like best?

New Flair Feb 2016 Happy Scatter Etsy Shop

I’ll be blogging some projects with these, as soon as I can squeeze in a bit of time for crafting!

One thing I should mention is that I have put the prices up on some of my items, due to an increase in manufacturing costs, and me not being very savvy about how much time things would really take to make when I started the shop. I’ve learnt that even if I’m using an electronic die cutter to cut things it still takes a lot of time to set the machine up, clean the sticky residue off stencils, package things up, on top of time spent designing things in the first place, etc, etc. I do actually want to earn a little bit of money for my time, which I’m sure you can all understand!

However I have also changed the price of postage so it will cost you LESS – it’s now a new low flat rate, so you can buy as many items from my shop as you like and the postage won’t increase per item like it used to.

I hope that all makes sense. Any questions let me know.

Thank you so much for continuing to support me and my shop – if you can’t afford to buy anything right now then a pin, tweet, re-gram or FB share of these new items would make me smile just as much!

I hope you are having a great week. It’s half term here so I’m trying to keep my little monkeys occupied during the day. They know how to keep me busy!

Jennifer x

Scrapbook Layouts

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout

Today I have an Autumn scrapbook layout to share, as I’m feeling the change of season here.

I created this for the Hip Kit Club DT call which ended at the beginning of this week. You had to make one layout in response to the call and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to keep the page a secret or not, but I’ve just seen that someone asked on FB if it was okay to share it and the answer was yes! I also used a Cut Shoppe file on here so I’m going to link it up to their September monthly challenge on their blog HERE too.

Will He Jump?

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

This photo is a perfect example of my cautious children. They don’t like to take risks and would always rather hold my hand if they are going to balance on something, or try to jump. I did end up having to hold cheeky boy’s hand after I took this photo!

I used a prompt from the Hip Kit Club Members Forum on Facebook, which was to ‘use embellishments around the edge of a large shape’. As you can see I chose to use a leaf – for which I bought a new cut file set called ‘Leaf It To Me’ from The Cute Shoppe on Etsy. I cut one of the leaves from a piece of woodgrain patterned paper using my Cricut Explore, then I started working out how to arrange things around it.

I started with a bit of stenciling on the background paper, using a Happy Scatter ‘Scattered Triangles’ stencil with some Avery Elle ‘Fizz’ ink and a Tim Holtz ink applicator tool:

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I sprinkled some gold mist dots on the background paper too.

I pulled out a bunch of different bits and pieces from my stash to match the colour scheme. I wanted to use a kraft speech bubble, but it was a bit boring so I used a Shimelle True Stories ‘Burst’ stamp and some Avery Elle ‘Cherry’ ink to jazz it up. I made sure to put some felt (foam would work too) under the speech bubble when I was stamping, to give a bit of wiggle-room, so that no detail was missed out from the stamp:

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

Then it was just a case of moving things about until I was happy with them! I went for a nice eclectic mix as usual. The red paper triangles were cut using a free download from the Hip Kit Club Shop – you just have to create an account using your email address, and then you have access to free cut files even if you aren’t a subscriber! Score!

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I loved using these bright foam Thickers for the title to make it fun and punchy:

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

Placing some elements (like circles and triangles) so that parts of them disappear under the photo helps tie the page together – it looks intentional and not just like you threw a bunch of stuff on a page!:

Will He Jump? An Autumn Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I loved making this layout, because cheeky boy has started school now, and this photo make me think of all the times we went for a walk while his big sister was at school. I’m so glad I capture moments like this.

Is it feeling like Autumn where you are in the world? Have you made an Autumn crafts? leave me a link if so!

Jennifer x

Scrapbook Layouts

Four Eclectic Scrapbook Layouts

Yesterday I mentioned a scrappy day I spent at a friend’s house, and that I’d be back to show you the layouts I made. Here they all are! It took me a while to get back into the swing of things, as it had been a few months since I’d made a layout. But once I got to the scattering-lots-of-bits-around-the-page part of the process I found my groove again, and ended up with four eclectic scrapbook layouts by the end of the day!

One of the reasons I struggled at first was because I tried to make a double page spread with a couple of beach photos. My friends encouraged me to start with something simpler as they could see I was just pushing paper around, so I swapped to this photo of Cheeky Boy, and I pulled out lots of embellies which always helps to inspire me:

That Face:

Cute Little Boy Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I can’t remember whether he was saying ‘sorry’ or ‘pleeeease’ in this photo, as his face is very similar for both. So I just called the page ‘That Face’ and wrote about how hard is it to stay stern with those big blue eyes and innocent face staring up at me!

One of the embellies I used on here – the ‘Rebel’ tag, was a clothing tag which I’d saved for a few years:

Cute Little Boy Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I like the blue & yellow on here, but it felt a little flat until I added some pops of red too!

2nd Birthday At The Beach:

These beach photos are what I had planned to use on a double spread. But I was finding it too tough to create a double, so I just chopped the group photo of us from a big 5×7 photo down to a much smaller picture. Now I could fit both photos on one spread and I love the page I ended up with:

Yellow Aqua Summer Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

The 4×6 photo of Cheeky Boy has a Simple Stories overlay on top. It’s only stuck at the top with washi tape as I couldn’t work out how to attach it. I may end up stitching it a couple of times too, to make sure it stays on:

Yellow Aqua Summer Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

The ‘Awesome’ tag above is a Heidi Swapp Minc item, I am determined to start using my Minc machine more.

Year One:

Little Miss starts Year Three tomorrow, and I hadn’t yet scrapped her first days of Year One and Year Two. At least one of them is done now:

Back To School Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I used my Happy Scatter ‘Going In Circles’ stencil on the background paper to jazz it up a bit:

Back To School Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

The triangles on the left and on the bottom right corner were inspired by THIS PAGE by Patricia Roebuck, though there isn’t much else similar on my layout!

33 Today:

I wanted to scrapbook at least one recent photo, so I printed off my birthday photo on my Canon Selphy and used some fab Chickaniddy Crafts paper as a background for a very bright page. I stitched a little on the background to give it a bit more texture, but you can barely see it here among all the colour:

Birthday Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

This is the most eclectic page of them all – flamingos, rainbows, feathers, and butterflies don’t have anything to do with my birthday. But they are pretty and I liked them, and it was a page about my birthday so I figured I had permission to use whatever I wanted, right?!

Birthday Scrapbook Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

The rainbow flair is also from my Etsy Shop, you can see it HERE. Within the next few weeks I am going to be adding some more flair, and a way to choose any 6 flair to make a set!

It was certainly therapeutic to scrapbook for a day again. It’s great how your mind totally focuses on which paper goes where, rather than worrying about whether you’ve got all the school uniform ready for the coming year.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one of the rainy day kids crafts we occupied ourselves with during our glorious summer. See you then!

Jennifer x

Happy Scatter

GUEST POST – Melissa Vining with a Happy Scatter Process Video!

It’s time for the last (but certainly not the least) of my Guest Designers that I recruited to show off some of my Happy Scatter Etsy Shop items. I had a few delays in sending the last parcel out, but Melissa Vining was very patient and now she’s here to share what she created! Read on to see her two layouts, plus a process video for one of them!

‘This Was The Day’ layout by Melissa Vining:

This Was The Day layout by Melissa Vining using Happy Scatter Etsy Shop Items

Isn’t it stunning? It’s so full of life and dimension!

Here’s a process video she made for this layout (she shares a closer look at some of the supplies too):

 I am in love with the torn-paper background inside the circle, I am definitely going to be trying that out myself!

Here’s a few detail photos…

Here you can see one of the cork stickers from the My Zone Mixed Embellishment Kit – these cork stickers are flat enough to layer up easily:

Happy Scatter My Zone Mixed Embellishment Cork Sticker

The wood veneer below is from the same set, it looks so cool coloured with mint Gelatos:

Happy Scatter My Zone Mixed Embellishment Wood Veneer

The ‘This Was The Day’ card from the Happy Scatter Look At This 3×4 Die Cut Cards set works great as a title in the middle of the page:

Happy Scatter Look At This 3x4 Diecut Card

Melissa couldn’t resist making another layout with the supplies I’d sent to her…

‘Look At This’ layout by Melissa Vining:

Look At This layout by Melissa Vining using Happy Scatter Etsy Shop Items

This is the most adorable layout. And I’m sorry Melissa, but I did think ‘look at those cheeks’ before I even read what the page was about! She is amazingly cute!

Melissa put the new flair to fantastic use. Here are some detail photos…

Happy Scatter So I Said Everyday Flair Badge

The So I Said Flair Set and the flowers from the Fresh New World Wood Veneer Set are a nice contrast in shiny & rough textures:

Happy Scatter So I Said Everyday Flair Badge

The ‘look at this’ die-cut card is bright and bold with this pink backing:

Happy Scatter Look At This 3x4 Diecut Card

What do you think? Aren’t these just beautiful and full of lovely details to look at? I think she did an amazing job! Thank you Melissa!

Here’s a reminder of where to find Melissa and more of her wonderful layouts…

Melissa Vining:

Happy Scatter Guest Designer Melissa Vining

Blog: http://yesterday2day4ever.blogspot.co.uk/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0W-mT33Thho-f2O3WHGCTA

Instagram: https://instagram.com/melissajanev/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/melissajanev/

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know what you like best about Melissa’s layouts!

I hope you have a great weekend,

Jennifer x

Your Craft & Soul Events

A Giveaway! Sponsored By Happy Scatter! {NOW CLOSED}

(This post is part of my Focus Your Craft & Soul Blog Event – see the list of all the posts HERE!)

It’s time for the last Etsy Shop giveaway of the event {NOW CLOSED}. This one is for my own Happy Scatter Etsy shop, where I sell stencils, wood veneers, flairs, die-cut 3×4 cards, and more, all which I have designed myself!

Happy Scatter Etsy Shop Selling Crafty Stencils and Embellishments!

If you’d like to add a few new bits and pieces to your stash, then keep reading for a giveaway at the end of the post!

I started my Etsy shop last year, after getting hold of Adobe Illustrator, and being given a Cricut Explore machine which meant I could cut stencils and die-cut cards I’d designed! I’ve been adding a variety of items since then, including cork stickers and flairs… I have lots more I want to add but I have more ideas than time!

Here’s a few items from the shop which go well with the ‘focus’ theme of this event…

1. Frameography Stencil – I try to make most of the stencil so that they could be used both as a whole stencil, or by masking off parts and just using bits of the stencil. This new one could be a cool background by using the whole thing, but you could also make the frames off and use them individually – my favourite is the Polaroid-style one near the middle:

The Frameography Stencil at the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop

2. Arrows and Triangles Flair Set – I’ve been having lots of fun making new flairs and this set is one which you can use on a variety of projects:

Arrows And Triangles Flair Set at the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop

3. Simply Life Everday Wood Veneers – This set features a camera, a frame, some chevron-style arrows, and a ‘simply life’ banner flag, so it’s got all the icons perfect for this ‘focus’ weekend:

Simply Life Everyday Wood Veneer Shapes at the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop

Do you use a lot of stencils, flairs, or wood veneers on your pages? I’ve been getting more and more into using stencils since designing my own!

Here’s the giveaway. One Lucky commenter will win:

Win £20 to spend at the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop!

£20 GBP to spend at the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop! Then winner will need to email me with their choices for what they’d like and I can send it out to them!

To enter the giveaway {NOW CLOSED}: Just pop over to the Happy Scatter Etsy Store, take a look around, and come back here to leave a comment telling me about an item or two that caught your eye (it doesn’t need to be ‘focus’ related, just anything you like).

I’d also love it if you popped by the Happy Scatter Facebook Page to say hi, but that’s not compulsory!

The giveaway closes at 10pm BST on Sunday the 24th of May 2015 {NOW CLOSED}. It is open internationally. The winner will be announced here on Thursday the 28th of May, so make sure you check back to see if you won.

Good luck! I’ll see you again in an hour!

Jennifer x


Things Are Looking Up! A Lot Of Arrows Card

(This post is part of my Focus Your Craft & Soul Blog Event – see the list of all the posts HERE!)

You’ve already seen one example of how a lot of arrows can make a big impact, on an ‘open here’ tag on THIS POST. I also used a ton on a layout a couple of years ago – on my word for the year page about ‘progress’ HERE. So arrows are definitely a favourite of mine to use when I want to create focus on a project.

But for this card the arrows aren’t pointing at anything, instead they are a fun background pattern:

Things Are Looking Up! A Lot Of Arrows Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

They are great for a big impact and for supporting the sentiment!

Here’s how I put it together – it’s super quick and easy!

Step 1: Cut a piece of smooth white card to the right size – remember if you are matting it onto another piece of paper you need to leave space for that too! Find an arrow stencil (I used the Happy Scatter Which Way Arrows Stencil), and stick it to your piece of card with Spray Mount repositionable spray. This stops the ink seeping under the edges of the design:

Things Are Looking Up! A Lot Of Arrows Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

Step 2: Sponge some ink through the stencil, with lighter colour at the point of the arrow, and a darker colour at the feathers end. I used 3 ink colours – Avery Elle Cherry and Fizz, and American Crafts Mustard. I used a ranger ink applicator tool and foam sponges to apply the ink:

Things Are Looking Up! A Lot Of Arrows Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

Step 3: Protect your work surface and flick some mist drops over the arrows (I used Heidi Swapp Gold Mist):

Things Are Looking Up! A Lot Of Arrows Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

Step 4: Leave the ink to dry thoroughly, then mat it onto patterned paper and stick it on your card front. Add the sentiment (I printed mine off using the font ‘Amatic’, and adhered it to the card using foam pop-dots), and a few sparkly gems:

Things Are Looking Up! A Lot Of Arrows Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

Give it to someone who needs a little congratulations or a pick-me-up!

Be Inspired:

Use lots of arrows on your next project

Sponge some ink through a stencil

Make your sentiment or title match your pattern

Would this card make you smile if it dropped through your door?!

I’ll see you again in one hour!

Jennifer x

Happy Scatter

New Flairs, a Stencil, & Embellies at Happy Scatter!

Hello all, this is just a quick post to let you know about the new items now in stock at my Happy Scatter Etsy Shop!

Happy Scatter May 2015 New Releases Including Flair

Here’s the links to the new items:

Watercolour Weather Flair

Arrows And Triangles Flair

Watercolour Words Flair

So I Said Flair

Frameography Stencil

My Zone Mixed Embellishement Kit

I’ve had a lot of fun designing the new flairs! Especially when I piled them all up for this photo:

New Flair at the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop

A lovely shiny pile of colour! You can expect to see some of these appearing on my projects this weekend during the Focus Your Craft & Soul event.

Speaking of which, I need to reveal the winner of the Announcement Giveaway. The winner was randomly drawn via Rafflecopter from all entries, and the winner was…


Congratulations Jacky, I’ll get your prize sent out to you!

I hope to see lots of you here tomorrow at 4pm for the start of the event. Look out for a Happy Scatter giveaway on Sunday!

Bye for now, Jennifer x

Happy Scatter

Guest Post – McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

Today it’s time for the next Guest Designer to share a project using items from my Happy Scatter Etsy Shop!

I’m going to let the fabulous McCall Clifford talk you through the project…

Happy Scatter!

I can’t think of a better name to describe this fun project full of lots of cute products!

Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

I received my package of goodies and was so impressed how cute all the packaging is and the unique variety of product.

Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

Since I’m not much of a scrap-booker myself I thought it’d be a great idea to create a fun bright statement piece to hang.

Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

I painted an 8×8 piece of wood black, a wood veneer sun yellow, and pink wood flowers a vibrant pink.

Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

I screwed in an eyelet for hanging on the center top.

Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

Now for some more fun…



More glitter!

A little pop of ribbon!


Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!


Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

Definitely a perfect piece to bring a pop of color to any room.

It makes me wish it was summer already!

Guest Post - McCall Clifford with a Happy Scatter Home Decor Piece!

Happy Crafting!

Thanks McCall! Isn’t her home decor piece so fun and colourful? I adore the rainbow tassels along the base.

Here’s a reminder of where to find McCall and her other equally amazing projects…

McCall Clifford:

Happy Scatter Guest Designer McCall Clifford

Blog: http://www.whatcha-mccall-it.com/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mcca11/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/whatcha.mccall.it/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whatcha-McCall-it/340040596107376

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhatchaMcCallitShop

Please leave a comment below to let McCall know she did a great job (you agree with me, right?!) and then go check out the links above! McCall also has another project using some Happy Scatter items on her blog right HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping be, have a great weekend!

Jennifer x


Spring Themed Card for the Mixed Media Card Challenge

Today I’m sharing a card that I’m entering into the Mixed Media Card Challenge #9 (closes 25th March). Their theme is ‘Spring’ with the optional extra element ‘Bird’. Here’s my card:

See A Rainbow Stencil Spring Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

I was especially drawn to the rainbow in the challenge graphic:

Mixed Media Card Challenge #9 'Spring' March 2015

Which seemed like a perfect excuse to use the new Happy Scatter ‘See A Rainbow’ stencil. First I sprayed the back of the stencil with some Spray-Mount repositionable adhesive, and placed it onto my card (the front of the card measures approx 15 x 10.5cm), using some washi tape to cover any areas where I didn’t want the ink to accidentally go through:

See A Rainbow Stencil Spring Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

Then I used pigment inks (Avery Elle Aquamarine and Lemon Grass, and American Crafts Mustard and Grapefruit) with a Tim Holtz Ink Blending Tool (and separate foam pads for each colour), to daub some colour through the rainbow. I started with blue at the bottom, then used green, yellow, and finally pink at the top:

See A Rainbow Stencil Spring Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

I lifted the stencil off to reveal the rainbow, folded the card, and dripped some Heidi Swapp Seafoam Mist droplets over the rainbow:

See A Rainbow Stencil Spring Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

While I waited for some mist to dry I glittered up a sun and a flower wood veneer (from the Fresh New World set). First I coated them with a thick layer of Mod-Podge:

Glittering Wood Veneers at Jennifer Grace Creates

I threw on lots of American Crafts ‘Wow’ Lemon Glitter:

Glittering Wood Veneers at Jennifer Grace Creates

And I left it to dry for a couple of hours (it takes a while because of the thickness of the Mod-Podge). Once it was dry I shook off the excess glitter:

Glittering Wood Veneers at Jennifer Grace Creates

Then I finished the card off with a stamped greeting (from Avery Elle ‘Cake & Candles’), a cloud and a flower from the Spring Paper Pieces set, some glitter ribbon, enamel dots, a rhinestone star, and a fabric brad with a bird on:

See A Rainbow Stencil Spring Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

It’s a colourful and cheerful way to send a greeting in spring!

Have you ever entered the Mixed Media Card Challenge? Why not give it a try – you don’t have to use tons of arty supplies as embellishments and textures count too. See their list of ideas for mixed-media things to include HERE.

I hope you see a real life rainbow today,

Jennifer x

Happy Scatter

Happy Scatter March Releases!

I’ve been adding a few new items to the Happy Scatter Etsy Shop this morning…

Happy Scatter March 2015 Releases

There’s the ‘See A Rainbow’ Stencil:

Happy Scatter 'See A Rainbow' Stencil

Which looks so pretty when you sponge through some pigment ink using an ink blending tool:

Happy Scatter 'See A Rainbow' Stencil

There’s also a new wood veneer set, called ‘Fresh New World’:

Happy Scatter Fresh New World Wood Veneer Shapes

The diamond shape can be turned into a kite by tying some ribbon or twine through the hole at the bottom!

Finally there’s a ‘Picket Fence’ Spring Paper Pieces Set. This is a selection pack of the kinds of paper embellishments I offer, as it includes three 3×4″ die-cut cards, two journaling cards, and ten pieces of ephemera:

Happy Scatter Picket Fence Spring Paper Pieces

You can see I’ve gone with a spring / Easter / gardening / outdoors theme this month – can you tell I’m ready for the ready to get warmer so we can get back outside more often?!

Which item appeals to you? Are you ready for spring now?! I’ll be back tomorrow to share a spring-themed card using these bits and pieces.

Don’t forget to ‘like’ the Happy Scatter Facebook Page if you want sneak peeks of new items!

Bye for now,

Jennifer x