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A Family Outing To… Ikea!

It’s been about 5 years since I visited an Ikea store, and since the Southampton store opened a year ago I’ve wanted to go, but my hubby doesn’t like to take me there too often as I tend to buy lots of little bits that add up! But he relented this week as we had to pop to Southampton for something else, so today we went there with our little girl.

Not quite the outing for a toddler you might think, but she loved the place! Trying out the beds and chairs (esp rocking chairs) helping mummy put colanders and pink pottys and various other items into the trolley, and opening lots of drawers and cupboards! Of course this was driving us crazy by the end, as she’d disappear every two minutes and we’d find her trying to climb on something in the next aisle / showroom, and as we were there for about 5 hours this got a bit tiring! Here she is posing in a bedroom which I think was mainly appealing because of the toy monster on the bed:

A Family Outing To Ikea at Jennifer Grace Creates

They also have cool kiddie stations which she loved the touch screen computers on, she was making very pretty pictures:

A Family Outing To Ikea at Jennifer Grace Creates

I bought lots of lovely stuff including a little wooden table and chairs for her (on sale for £12.49!) which I shall get a photo of when she uses it tomorrow (hubby has just put it together). One thing I loved but which didn’t come home with me is this material:

A Family Outing To Ikea at Jennifer Grace Creates

I really, really loved it but I couldn’t think of anything to use it for, so couldn’t justify purchasing any! I did get some cute birdie material which I gonna try to use to make some clothes for my little one though.

Hubby says it will be at least 5 years before he takes me there again. We’ll see!

Jennifer x