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Starting the new and finishing the old…

Sorry my blogging has been a bit sporadic lately, I need to try and get my groove back! Something that should help is that I’ve signed up to Shimelle’s Journal your Christmas class, which I’m excited about as I {heart} christmas! I’m really looking forward to this year as I think my daughter is going to start realising what it’s all about too, and I want to record it properly now so that she has a great keepsake of her christmasses in years to come. Here’s the manifesto for the class which Shimelle has given out for us to use (as decoration and a reminder of why we’re joining in!):

One of the prep things that was suggested for JYC was to put all the bits of paper and embellies that you want to use for the project into one place, to ease along the process of making something everyday. Now, I have a box for such projects, trouble was, it still contained items to use on my unfinished LSNED album from September. I thought I’d better finish off that journal before starting on another daily project! So here’s the final 5 pages from my LSNED book. They aren’t my faves as I was out of the habit of making them, and also trying to finish them off quickly, but they still record my lessons of the day (click on any to see them larger):





It feels good to have finished it! Now I can really relish the Christmas prep. Now I’m off to fill aforementioned box with festive scrapbook products! xxx

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LSNED catch up

I’ve fixed my LSNED book, adding in a page and moving stuff about, so that I could fit in the 21st of September that I’d missed out! It means that tuesday became a double spread, but that worked out okay! Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

I spent a few hours on tuesday last week looking for quotes to put on our Creative Creatures website, but the quotes were inspiring me too, especially the one on the right. It’s about not worrying about whether you are original or not, if you just create without thinking about it you will be original. This is something I always worry about, and it’s silly, because really I know everything has my unique style stamped on it.
My daughter was feeling a bit ill on Wednesday, but watching TV in bed for a bit cheered her up!
I can’t manage to do an online food shop without forgetting to buy lots of things I need!
My mum and stepdad came to stay, it was lovely to see them, and my daughter loved all the attention she got!
I used to always draw with pencil, though I often went over it with pen afterwards. Lately I’ve been drawing straight with pen, and I’m loving it. I think it makes my pictures a lot more lively and confident. I got some new drawing pens on Saturday so let loose with them on this page!
That’s it for today. Me and little one are still in our PJ’s and it’s nearly 11am so I’m thinking we should really go and get dressed! Hope you have a good day! xxx
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The Paper Variety and LSNED

There’s a new challenge blog called The Paper Variety, and today I finished a layout for their second challenge. It’s a recipe challenge to use borders, autumnal colours, and inspiration from a movie for your title or journaling. Here’s my layout (click to enlarge):

I made a border for the whole page by making a crumpled paper frame. I took a 12×12 piece of Urban Rhapsody ‘Points of Interest’ flat paper by K&Co, cut an 8×8 square out of the middle, and then spritzed it all over with water. Then I gently crumpled it all up, and flatened it again a bit, shaping the paper how I wanted it to be when dry. I let it dry almost completely – then I finished it off with a with a heat gun! Once dry I handstiched it to a piece of ‘carob’ Bazill Basics using wool of the same shade as the hat in the photo. I quite liked the frame, but the page was a bit too brown, so I cut a thin strip off the edges of the carob cardstock and then mounted it onto pink Papermania cardstock, but you can’t see this very clearly in the pic as it’s only a narrow edge.
We’d been watching Mulan just before I saw the challenge so I used a quote from there: “The greatest gift, and honour, is having you for a daughter.” And as my daughter is wearing the hat that was a gift from Sian, I talked about this too – as it’s a treasure to know that there’s lovely geneous people out there in the world (and a lot of them are bloggers / crafters!)
You can see the challenge here, they have this fab kit up for grabs from The Treasure Box Club:
I also have some LSNED pages to show you, I’m catching up a bit, but still have a few to do! Click on any to enlarge:

Finally (blimey, I had a lot to show you today), my layout for my second Fiskarettes DT project:

Using lots of Fiskars stamps and inks, and their self-inking stamp press. If you want more details on how this was put together see here.

I shall try and post a couple more LSNED pages tomorrow! xx

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making and baking

We had a day of wandering around some shops on Wednesday, looking for a few wedding bits for my friend Rosie. It was a little depressing as I have absolutely no money to spend and kept seeing stuff I’d like, but hey-ho, I just have to hope I won’t be broke forever (click to enlarge):

On Thursday night Rosie came round to make some mock-ups of her wedding invitations, which was lots of fun (click to enlarge):

And we also made this super yummy chocolate cake:

Me and my daughter are going away with Rosie for the weekend, to visit Rosie’s family, snoop around her wedding venue, and go for some nice walks. So our bags are packed, my daughter has her hair in bunches, and we’re ready to go:

I’ll be back on Monday! xx


LSNED catch up

Sorry I’ve been a bit behind with showing you my LSNED pages. I still haven’t done yesterdays, but here’s the 9th through to the 14th for you to see. Click on any photo to see it larger, or click here to go to my online album to see the book so far in case you missed any.
I haven’t got much to do today other than housework and playing with little one, which I’m quite looking forward to. And this evening Rosie is coming round to try and make some invites for her wedding, so that should be lots of fun! Bye for now, xxx
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Addicted to crafting!

Does anyone else feel like the more crafting they do, the more they want to do? I thought that doing Shimelle’s LSNED class would get annoying, trying to keep up with making a page each day. But instead it’s just a good excuse to go to my craft desk, then once I’ve finished the page for the day I start on something else, which leads to ideas for more things = never ending crafting! I did no creating last night as I had a headache and went to bed at about 8.15pm, and I woke up this morning feeling a bit wierd, like my fingers missed making stuff! (Don’t worry, I made up for it today!)

First I need to show you the page I made for the Fiskarettes monday challenge this week – to create a project using paint or mists. Here’s my finished layout (click to enlarge):

You can see my post on the Fiskarette’s blog here if you want more details on how I put it together.

Me and my little girl did go out to Corfe Castle with our friend Rosie on Wednesday afternoon, but I couldn’t afford to pay to go into the castle itself. So we went for a walk instead, and spontaneously decided to try and get to the top of one of the hills which overlook the castle. Did we choose the hill with steps and a clearly marked path to the top? Of course not! We scrambled up a steep track on the other hill, climbing past gorse and blackberry bushes to reach a great view from the top:

Little one wasn’t as impressed with the view as she was with the abundance of rabbit droppings though! Every step she took she said ‘oh, more rabbit poo!’. But I loved seeing the castle from a different angle. And I chose the walk as my lesson for the day (click to enlarge):

I took my inspiration for the journaling from the Robert Frost poem about going the less travelled route, as though other people do walk up this hill it’s less popular than the other walks around because it’s that little bit more difficult – and that makes it feel more like an adventure! Though it was also a little bit scary coming back down on the steep, slippery slope (okay, it wasn’t that steep, but I’m a wuss when it comes to walking down big hills, I always worry that I’ll slip and roll/slide the rest of the way down). You can probably see that I used old map paper to make the hills, I painted them with green acrylic paint and then while it was still wet I wiped some of it off with a baby wipe so the map could be seen through. I like the effect, I’ll have to use it again.

Finally, I made a card today for my Grampa, who turns 80 tomorrow:

I hope he gets it in the morning, I mailed it first class so fingers crossed. We’re going to a birthday party tomorrow, but not his – he’s not having one. It’s one of my daughter’s friends who’s turning 2. We’re hoping for good weather as it’s supposed to be a garden party!

Have a great weekend! xx

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feeling scared and feeling silly

On Monday we tried to go to a baby and toddler music group we attend during term-time, but it doesn’t start until next week. Luckily though, lots of other mummies made the same mistake, so we all went to the playpark instead. It was good for my little girl to have so many others to run around with, and all the kids had great fun, but us mums didn’t get much time to relax. I never realised until I had my daughter how heart-stoppingly scary playparks can be! One minute your child is playing safely, the next they’re about to step off a high platform or slide down the slide when another kid is trying to climb up it. Arrghh! It’s so hard to balance between calmly watching your child, or being over-protective. If I had a pound coin for everytime a mummy said ‘careful!’ I’d be feeling quite rich by now! So, my lesson for the day (click photo to enlarge):

Don’t worry, there were no accidents. But I think I’m always going to be worried when we go there!
Yesterday was spent doing office work for my self-employed business (running creative writing, arts and crafts workshops for kids). We’ve been updating the website, if you are interested in taking a look. My daughter was at nursery all day, and hubby was thankfully clearing some of his junk out of our conservatory, it’s looking a bit more like a room and less like a storage area now!
The lesson I chose to record for the day was one which makes me feel a bit silly. I’ve spent 11 months with my netbook, and all that time I’ve been complaining about how dark the screen goes if it’s not plugged in. I was sure there’d be a way to adjust this, but had asked hubby (a computer whizz) and he didn’t know, so I hadn’t bothered going any further. Last night I got completely fed up with it, so I typed the question into google, and 3 minutes later, my screen is bright as day. Obviously I’m happy it’s fixed now, but it makes me feel very dumb that I’ve been living with it for so long! Here’s my LSNED page (click to enlarge):

Today we’re having a chilled out morning. We’re planning to go out this afternoon with Rosie for a walk around Corfe Castle, but for now my daughter is painting:

And I’m working on a page for the Fiskarettes Monday challenge this week: to use paint or mists on a project. I’m using this photo and some carstock which I’ve spritzed:

Hopefully I’ll be able to post the finished layout tomorrow! Bye for now, xxx