October Catch Up…

So here’s part two of my catch-up showing you what I’ve been up to lately. For part one see yesterday’s post about September here! Here’s what we did during the month of Harvest and Halloween…
My sister came to stay for a few days, and we did a bit of crafting. It was good to have someone to craft with.

Swanage was cold and wet when we visited it for an afternoon, so we spent some time in the arcades – mainly on the 2p machines!

Little Miss was in her first performance at school – singing ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ for the Harvest Festival. I loved her straw-stuffed scarecrow hat.

We went to Lyme Regis for a sunny Sunday, meeting up with some of my friends. The kids had fun exploring , and Baby Boy had new dinosaur wellies, as we left all his shoes at home, and had to buy something for him at Lyme – they kept falling off though!

Me with my friends on the Cobb at Lyme. It was great to have some chit-chat and giggles! 

I finished an 8×8 wedding album for another friend, I said I’d make it for her as a wedding present. Her wedding colours were purple and cream so I used them in various shades throughout – which helped me use up a lot of old purple stash! These were my favourite pages from it, I love the ‘True Happiness’ Elle’s Studio stamp. 

There’s a Country Park near us called Moors Valley, which has all kinds of play areas spread through the Park, so my daughter calls it the ‘Game Forest’. I had been several times with the kids and other mummies, but this was the first time hubby came – Little Miss had been wanting to show him the forest for ages. It was really fun family time.

On the way back from the ‘Game Forest’ we popped into Hobbycraft, but just outside the shop I spotted this weathered blue wood door – it was some kind of access unit. I had to get some photos of the kids posing in front of it, I love this one of Baby Boy as it brings out the blue in his eyes.

More playparks! By now Baby Boy is toddling around quite well on his own, so he loves playparks even more, he can also climb the steps to the slide on his own. Which of course makes me panic every time, worrying he’ll fall. This bouncy see-saw is much less scary for mummy.
October was also the month when we discovered that my son can chomp whole pears and apples. I just de-core an apple or pull the stem off a pear, and within a few minutes it’s all gone – the first time he did it I thought he’d hidden the pear as it had disappeared so fast!

We had a super fun Halloween. During the day we baked Halloween biscuits and carved a pumpkin, then in the evening we went trick-or-treating, and then to a friend’s house for a party where we played lots of games. I’m the ‘mummy’ on the left!
There we go, my October in a nutshell! Did you celebrate Harvest time or Halloween?
I’ll be back again tomorrow with something more crafty! x

September Catch Up…

At the end of the month I normally join in with Julie Kirk’s Month in Numbers, but it’s November now and I haven’t managed to do my September or Octobers posts – things have been a bit hectic! I given up on trying to do the posts as Month in Numbers, I don’t have time to find all my numbers written on scraps of paper, and think up all the rest! 
But I still want to re-cap those months with some photos, as I like looking back on these kind of posts to remind myself went on that I’d forgotten about, and to share with you what I’ve been doing outside of scrapping, and prepping for my Frosty Festivities blog event!.
Some of these you may have seen before but I want to put them all together, so I apologise if you’re seeing the same pictures again! Some you won’t have seen. I’m posting September’s photos today and October’s will appear tomorrow…
We saw lots of weird and wonderful fruit and veg creations at the Dorset County Show, this elephant was my favourite.

Hubby’s sister brought her two nieces for a visit and the cousins all played very happily together, and looked incredibly cute all lined up on the sofa!

Little Miss started school, which she’s enjoying lots, mainly because she gets to see all her friends every day!

Baby Boy gets more inquisitive and active all the time, and he especially loves swinging at the playpark.

Little Miss became a mermaid when we went to the beach for the day.
Another playpark – look how happy it makes him!

My friend’s band, Beartown Zodiac played an awesome gig in Bournemouth.
At a Thai festival, Baby Boy discovered he liked chicken satay a lot – he was ripping it off so fast and gobbling it down!

Little Miss had someone to be fun and silly with, on an autumnal walk with my friend Rosie!
And I had projects published in two books, ‘101 things to do with Glitter‘ for which I travelled to London to go to the book launch, and ‘Stitch, Craft, Create‘. Both are full of tempting projects from all kinds of crafters!
Thanks for taking a look. I need to get these printed and scrapped now! I’ll be back tomorrow with October’s photos. x

August in Numbers

Sorry this is a bit late – but I went to be at 7pm last night with a headache and slept all night through. Thanks to hubby for sorting out the kids so I could get some rest – he is lovely!
Each month I join Julie Kirk and many others in recording my month in a numerical fashion. To learn more visit Julie’s blog here, or her post for this month here. Now for my August in numbers:
9116, 5028 and 9057 ~ our Eurostar train numbers to Disneyland Paris and back again! This photo is of me, my mum, my step-dad, and my hubby, in the elevator at Ashford International train station, getting very excited about our trip:

67,200 ~ my score on the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride, where you shoot aliens with a laser gun. Little miss scored 17,900, and my hubby scored 118,000, but the champion of our group was my step-dad, who scored 126,100! Here he is with the world’s biggest Buzz Lightyear fan, my nephew, who wouldn’t shoot the aliens because he thought they looked too sad (bless him!):

317.57 ~ spent by me, hubby, and our kiddies, over 4 days, mostly on food. We ate lots of buffet dinners to fill us up, this one was my favourite, at Plaza Gardens, as it had lovely gammon, and delicious cakes for dessert. (Baby boy looks a bit confused in this photo – it’s because I stopped feeding him his banana so I could take the picture. Cheeky mummy!):


266 and 211 ~ my winning scores on Scrabble, when I my dad came down to visit the weekend after we returned from Disney, and I beat him and hubby at two games. Go me!:

3 freshwater shrimps, 2 frogs, and 1 beetle, caught (and then set free again), on a pond dipping and bug hunting adventure in the forest:
10 tasks out of 20 completed on the Gruffalo Trail at Moors Valley Country Park. After 10 tasks the children (and yes, alright, the adults too!) were loosing interest, so we headed to the playparks instead:
9 ~ shades of colour on my face, when my daughter’s friend came for a sleepover, and I painted their faces, and then let them paint mine in return:
53 ~ the approximate number of times that buckets of water were collected from the sea, when my brother and his wife and kids came to stay, and we took them to Swanage for a few hours. The children were filling buckets to fill up a pool of water which they had dug (with help from my brother), and baby boy had great fun playing in it (they were all quite wet by home-time, luckily we had changes of clothes!):
Another wonderful, busy month. I predict that September will be equally busy, with the county show yesterday, a visit from my sister-in-law and her kids tonight, my daughter starting school this week, and a trip to London for me, all planned so far this month!
I hope the numbers are in your favour this September! x

July in Numbers

My month in numbers is a little bit late as I spent all day Tuesday manically packing for our holiday, and most of yesterday (Wednesday) travelling. We left home early yesterday morning to come to my In-Laws for a night, today we’re going to my Mum and Stepdad’s, and then tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland Paris! Yay! 
Month in Numbers is inspired by Julie Kirk, so if you want to know more, head to her blog post for this month here. Without further adieu, here’s my July in Numbers:
1 the age my son turned on the 7th of July. We didn’t do much that day as hubby was working, but the next day we went out for lunch, and then to an indoor play zone. He’s growing up so fast:
1,586 approximate total number of sparkles on costumes and decorations at 2 carnivals, visited for parades and rides – a good way to ease my kids into the Disneyland experience. I wanted to prepare them a little for waiting, and noises, and fun! At the first we managed to get a photo of an Olympic Torch, as I didn’t manage to catch it when it ran through town a couple of days before that:
And my daughter went on a ride with her friend, the photo isn’t perfect but I love how it captures their excitement and friendship:
At the second carnival we also saw 7 Red Arrows flying over our heads, baby was a bit scared of the noise from them at first, but he was okay after some cuddles. Little Miss was impressed that they made different colours in the sky. It was exciting being so close to them as we were watching from the top of a big hill:
£288 The cost for our new passports, which finally arrived last week, just in time for our holiday! Don’t we look like a strange bunch:
39 children co-ordinated for some races at a summer party we attended. I didn’t do the co-ordinating, I just watched as the chaos unfolded! Ha! There was an obstacle race and this caterpillar race:
My daughter was a bit upset as she didn’t win either, but she cheered up later when she won a tombola prize!
4 the number of vintage books added to my collection (for the total price of £1.50), I remember reading these ones when I was young:
I could probably think of lots more numbers, but I think that will do for now! If you want to see more of my family photos from this month, I posted some here.
Here’s hoping for an exciting August!
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June in Numbers… How Organised Was I?

It’s time again for the monthly ritual of blogging what’s been going on in my life in a numerical manner, as begun by Julie Kirk of Notes on Paper – you can see her post for this month here.
I didn’t want to leave my Month in Numbers until after the weekend, so instead, I’m going to tell you about my goings on, but focusing on the organising side of things!
We had 12 children on the last ever Creative Creatures weekend course that I’ll be running. We did lots of fun adventurous activities, including having a (rather smoky) fire. Me and Rosie had not been organised enough to remember to bring marshmallows, but luckily our lovely friend that works at the same centre popped out and bought us some – I ate 2 which were melty-delicious!:

There was a jubilee party in our town square, to mark our Queen’s 60 years on the throne. There was a fancy dress competition for my daughter to enter. It would have been nice if I could have organised myself enough to make her a costume, but I didn’t have time, so she just wore her Cinderella outfit. It was a good move, because she won 1st prize:
 (see a layout based on this event here)

When me and my my little ones went for a walk, we were chased by 3 dragons. Imaginary ones, luckily, though they did turn out to be friendly in the end! And I was organised enough to take my camera, which I don’t often remember when we’re popping out for a quick walk – but I was not organised enough to check it was on the right settings. The ISO was set way too high, so the picture is a little grainy, but I love it anyway!:

When my friend Rosie’s brother and his daughter came to visit, we had organised to spend the day at another friend’s house, playing a treasure hunt. However, that friend was unwell at the time, so we had an impromptu trip to the beach instead, and we had exactly 10 items of very damp clothing by the end:

I spent £55.30 on a return ticket to London for my sister’s birthday, because I hadn’t been organised ahead of time to buy it on the cheaper advance tickets. It doesn’t matter, as it was well worth the money – we had such fun, with our mum there too, trying on clothes and watching the Wizard of Oz musical:

I went to my friend’s wedding reception, and danced the night away – I was glad I went, as for a lot of the evening there was only 2 of us on the dancefloor – me and the bride! I hadn’t been organised enough to make the card before the day – but I made this one about 30 minutes before I left:
We went to OS ref: SY983 882 to take a walk with Rosie to Shipstal beach. I was pleased I’d been organised enough to take the buckets and spades, we had fun building castles, and baby had fun knocking them down:

I had to organise costumes and decorations, as well as packing for camping, when we went to my sister and I’s joint birthday party – there were 26 of us in total, and most of us were in Disney costume: 

And finally, something I hadn’t organised, was that my Grandad came to visit us, from approximately 210 miles away, last night (he did tell me he was coming a week before, I just hadn’t organised it myself!). And he unexpectedly brought me this bureaux that he wanted cleared out of his loft. I can’t wait to fill it with stash, it will certainly help me sort some more things out:
So there we go, my up-and-down organising in June! What big or little things are you thankful to have organised, or have worked out okay even if you didn’t organise them before-hand?
Remember, remember, that commenting on this post, or any post from this weekend, will enter you into the Grand Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}– but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning it here.
I’ll be back shortly! x
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May in Numbers

It’s time again to wrap up the month, using numbers to tell our tales. To find out more about this blogging pastime, check out Julie Kirk’s information about it here, or her post for this month here
My May in numbers:
The 5th of May was (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day. I really enjoyed visiting blog hops and joining in with chats and challenges! I showed you one of the challenge entries I made here, and I have another to show you at some point, when I remember to re-photograph it – the photo I have is too blurry.
2.20 hrs – The amount of time it took to change my hair from this:
To this:

My sister dyed it for me (she’s a hairdresser). It had to be bleached first to get a nice, bright red colour. I’m turning Thirty in June and I’ve always wanted red hair, so I decided to go for it! I doubt I’ll be able to maintain it for long though.
£39 for a room in a Premier Inn hotel, for a night away to celebrate our Anniversary. My lovely mum looked after the kids for the night, so we could go to Reading, and watch my friend’s band Beartown Zodiac, play a gig:
145 game pieces in total, in these board games that we bought whilst visiting my Nan and Grampa. We were there for two days, and the weather was horrible, so there wasn’t much to do except stay in and play games, and we’d exhausted Skipbo. These new ones from the second hand shop kept my daughter amused for ages:
2 trips to the cinema. I hardly ever go to the cinema these days, so twice in one month seems exotic! I saw The Lucky One with my husband, and The Hunger Games with my friend, and both were very good:

pg 26, the page number of my project in the latest Popular Crafts magazine:

I was also excited to have a card featured on Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine blog here, with 5 others, when they asked to see Mother’s Day cards. I was especially excited because mine was at the top, which was probably just good luck, but it meant that my card showed up as the thumbnail for the blog post link on facebook etc. Yay!

15,302 (estimated) grains of sand brought home in total from a few trips to the beach. I don’t know how we managed to bring so much sand back each time. We put it all into the sandpit though, and then it gets stuck in the bottom of my daughter’s buckets, and we take it back to the beach next time. So it’s all part of the circle of beach visits:

And this photo brings me nicely onto the next number – unusual things my son has attempted to eat this month = 8 – sand, stones, shells, cat food (when visiting a friend), flowers, leaves, twigs, and grass:
All while his sister runs round him, with both of them wearing a thick layer of factor 50 sunscreen in this lovely hot weather:
Though to be honest, I’m glad it’s now starting to cool down, as baby has not been sleeping well in the heat!
So there we go, my busy month. I haven’t even mentioned the lovely time spent with my family in Kent, when we visited Folkestone, went to the playpark, and ate fish and chips. Or the night when I went round a friend’s for the evening, for a girly gossip and wine night. It’s been a good month!
Now I can look forward to my birthday, and a blog event happening right here at the end of June – to be announced tomorrow! x

April in Numbers

Welcome back to another month measured in factual figures! If you’d like to see who started this brilliant blogging idea, then see Julie Kirk’s information on her blog here, or her post for this month here.

My April in numbers:

6 different dinosaur craft items made with my daughter at the local library craft day. Here’s my favourite – a dinosaur theatre:

£8.50 paid to get into Corfe Castle (a National Trust property) on a day out with my daughter. My friend Rosie offered to look after my baby for the day, so that me and little miss could have some quality time together. So, despite the drizzle, we went on an adventure to find treasure and save animals (all pretend!). It was great fun, and my daughter was very happy, until about two minutes after this picture was taken – when she fell into the river! It was shallow, and after a few tears she was fine and going over the stepping stones again:

1pm – the time for an Easter-Egg hunt at the house of one of my daughter’s friends. They had great fun running around the garden, but even more fun eating all the treats:

5 T-Shirts spray painted, ripped, and safety-pinned, to turn five crazy girlies into a punk girl band for the day. It was all for my friend Rosie’s 30th birthday treat (to see our music video see my earlier post here):

50 nail polishes produced for a sleepover the same weekend. All these nail polishes belonged to one girl. I was quite impressed, but she did admit she bought a few of them over fifteen years ago!:

£2.10 paid for car parking at Swanage – a significant number because I drove my sister and kiddies there, and went to a different car park to start with because it was easier to park in (I only passed my driving test last month). But when I saw the price to park there I decided to be brave, and park in the smaller, cheaper car park! It was fine, I should have more confidence in my parking skills. We had a lovely time on the beach, though the wind was a bit chilly:

280 acres of Country Park to explore at Durlston in Swanage – we had a nice long walk along the cliffs. I love going to this country park, as there’s a lighthouse and a castle to see, old quarry caves which were used for smuggling too, wildlife and wildflowers, plus a good sea breeze to blow all your troubles away:

2000 volunteers donated knitted and crocheted items to a Blooming Marvellous garden display which was also at Durlston when we visited. My favourite bit was this pond, complete with newts, frogs, and a garden gnome (for more photos of the garden see their blog here):

2 very sleepy kiddies when we got back home:
And finally, 5 layouts completed for Shimelle’s online crop. You can see more about the layouts here, here, here, here and here, if you missed them before!:
Thanks for looking. I had a fabulous April and I hope you did too! 
Now for May, which will include a trip to visit my mum and family in Kent, my Grandparents in Suffolk, and a Gig in Reading. Plus, of course, more scrapbooking and silliness!
Bye for now x