My month in numbers: July

Hello. How have you all been? Sorry I’ve not been around much, I’m dropping in on your blogs whenever I get a chance!

We’ve been getting along fine, baby boy is quite well behaved, and already sleeps a lot at night. Still settling into things though, especially now hubby has gone back to work, and my mum and step-dad who came to visit have both returned home – it’s going to be interesting trying to cope on my own when hubby is at work!

I wanted to share you a few more photos, and decided to do so by joining in with Julie Kirk’s ‘My month in numbers’ which is a regular blog post for her throughout the year – see her latest here.

My month in numbers goes like this:

2 = the number of children I now have. Still seems a bit surreal!:

14 = the number of photos of my daughter NOT looking at the camera before I got this photo, when we went to feed the ducks. She was too busy running around and getting her socks and shoes wet in the river!:

46, 47, and 48 = the numbers of our ‘ducks’ in the rubber duck race our town has as part of carnival week. We didn’t win even though we were at the riverside, cheering our ducks on in the rain:

15 = the number of buttons my daughter chose to put on the ‘thank you’ card she made for the staff at her pre-school, to give to them on the last day of term:

8 = the 8th and final instalment of the Harry Potter films. Me and hubby went to see it with our good friends Rosie and David – we have seen almost all the Harry Potter films at the cinema with them. We went to see the first one with them in Rosie and I’s first year of university. It felt like the end of an era going to see the last one, so to commemorate the evening me and Rosie went in costume, wearing cloaks and taking a chopstick each as wands! It was fun. The boys pretended they didn’t know us though! 
(P.S. the film was awesome by the way):
7 = the number of slices of bread I buttered for a picnic on the beach with my mum and step-dad:

1 = 1 well used picnic blanket now being used as a comfy bed on the beach for the newest member of the family:

30 = the factor of sun-cream we put on, only for the sun to disappear five minutes later:

3 = 3 lovely hours spent with my Nan and Grampa when they came to Bournemouth for the day on a coach trip. We ate fish and chips and then sat on the beach. It was great for them to meet baby boy, and spend some time with little miss:

A Gazillion = the number of cuddles I’ve had with baby, each one super lovely!:

I have a couple of crafting projects in progress, so I should return soon with some to show you! x


Welcome to the world…

My little man, born on the 7th of July 2011 at 11.35am. Born on his due date – let’s hope he’s always this punctual!

He weighed 8lb 1oz, and was delivered with forceps because he decided to turn back-to-back just before delivery… grr!

But he’s worth all the pain!

Now we’re enjoying the new addition to the family. His big sister is very proud of him, and she’s being very helpful looking after him!

I’m sure you’ll understand if there’s a bit of blogging absence over the next few weeks, I’ll be back with you when I’ve settled into the new regime!