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How To Make A Printable In PicMonkey

Have you ever made a printable in PicMonkey? Today I have a video to show you how to do it, I promise it’s easy!

Disclosure: This post contains PicMonkey affiliate links, if you click them and make a purchase it won’t cost you any more, but I will earn a small percentage of the sale.

Hoppy Easter! How To Make A Printable In PicMonkey - Video at Jennifer Grace Creates

Some of the overlays I used in PicMonkey require a Royale membership, which costs just $33 a year. I’ve been using PicMonkey Royale for over 2 years and I think it’s totally worth the cost for the extra features! If you’d like to upgrade to PicMonkey Royale please consider using my affiliate link here: PicMonkey photo editor: this is your photo on awesome juice.

Here’s a video showing my PicMonkey process (you can also watch this on YouTube HERE):


It was really fun and quick to make – I think I’ll be making one for every season! Do you make printable decorations to suit any celebrations?

Have you been doing any Easter crafting? I’ll be back with some more Easter crafting this week. I’ve never made so many Easter crafts before but I’ve been caught by the cute bunnies and pretty eggs in my Pinterest feed!

Have a great day,

Jennifer x

Happy Scatter

Guest Post – Terhi Koskinen with a Happy Scatter layout & Process Video

As I promised when I revealed the Guest Designers on Tuesday, I’m back today with the first Guest Designer’s project with items from my Happy Scatter Etsy Shop. Read on to see what she created and to see a process video!

Here’s the fabulous ‘Love This’ scrapbook layout by Terhi Koskinen:

GUEST POST - Terhi Koskinen with a 'Love This' Happy Scatter layout

Here’s what Terhi wanted to say about her page:

I decided to focus on the ‘Going In Circles’ stencil, but once I got my inspiration going I noticed I used all the things I got in my Guest Designer goody pack. The ‘Scattered Triangles‘ stencil is so very versatile, I’m sure it will be the one I’m using over and over again in the future. The same goes for the wood shapes and especially for the cork stickers, those are so thin and nice way to add interest to a scrapbook page! 
I’m so glad I got a chance to guest here, the Happy Scatter products made me so Happy! Thank you Jennifer!
The lovely Terhi also filmed a process video to show you how she put the page together, I especially loved watching how she used the stencils. You can watch below or see it on YouTube HERE.


Ooh she makes me want to pull out my stencils and messy media and get playing!Here’s some close ups of her page. I like how she cut one of the Everyday Printed Cork Stickers in half to tuck them into her layers, and the stars from the Simply Life Wood Veneers set look gorgeous coloured with turquoise mist:

GUEST POST - Terhi Koskinen with a 'Love This' Happy Scatter layout

The cork sticker below is also from the same set, but Terhi altered it by drawing a border and adding a ‘best ever’ circle, to cover up the ‘365’ number printed on the star – showing how you can make them work for you on your project:

GUEST POST - Terhi Koskinen with a 'Love This' Happy Scatter layout

Loose threads, pretty paper layers, and flecks of mist all compliment the stenciling:

GUEST POST - Terhi Koskinen with a 'Love This' Happy Scatter layout

What do you think? Does Terhi’s page make you want to pull out your arty supplies?!

Here’s a reminder of where to find all Terhi’s other fantastic projects…

Terhi Koskinen:

Happy Scatter Guest Designer Terhi Koskinen

You can find my creations from my My Blog, tutorials from my Youtube Channel, and lots of “behind the scenes” pics from my Instagram. I’m also on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!

Thank you so much Terhi, you did a wonderful job and I can’t wait to see what the other Guest Designers create over the next couple of months!

Have a great day,

Jennifer x


Heidi Swapp Minc Machine Unboxing and First Use!

My Heidi Swapp Minc Machine arrived, hooray! If you don’t know about this machine, it’s basically a foil applicator so you can make things shiny! I ordered mine from Create & Craft TV here in the UK, but they’ve sold out for now. I know several other places have it on order though, including Hey Little Magpie.

Frustratingly the Minc 6×6 pad and tags that I ordered at the same time have not been delivered yet, but I’m lucky that I have a laser printer, so I can use that, plus the tags that came with the machine, to play with while I’m waiting!

Heidi Swapp Minc Machine Foil Applicator Unboxing and First Use

As it’s such a new scrapbooking / papercrafting product I recorded a video of the unboxing and first use of the machine:


(You can also watch the video on YouTube HERE)

I have not sped up this video (like I sometimes do on my videos) because I want you to see how fast you can take this out of the box and put it to use! I did record the sound later as a voice-over though – the mic on my camera is not great and there’s generally a lot of noise in this house during the day.

Here’s a couple of tips for things I’ve learnt so far. These are the main points of the video but I’m putting them here too in case I talk too fast on the video.

Minc Machine First Use Tips:

1. The machine gives off an odour the first couple of times you use it, like when you’ve just cleaned the oven and the next time you use it it needs to burn off the smell. This odour disappears after a few uses (I’ve used it more times since the video).

2. Be careful when taking the foil sample that comes with the machine out of the plastic packet, I got the foil stuck to the sticky strip on the bag and wrecked some of it! Cut off the sticky tab first!

3. Have some really sharp scissors to hand, you can’t cut the foil with blunt scissors.

4. The rollers are much further into the machine than I thought they would be!

5. The static properties of the carrier sheet can grab the foil and make it move around when you are putting the foil and tag/item inside it. Double check the foil is covering the whole printed part of the item before you put it into the machine!

Also, the power cable is not very long – about 40″. I’m going to need another extension lead if I want to use this in the middle of my table, which is a bit annoying, but not a deal-breaker for me.

That’s the main points for now, I’ll be doing more videos with the Minc so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel  so you don’t miss them! If you have any questions about the machine let me know and I’ll try to cover it in a future video.

Here’s the two tags:

Heidi Swapp Minc Machine Tags

They aren’t perfect but I’m getting a lot better the more I practice!

What do you think, would you like one of these machines? What foil colour would you choose to use first?

Have a great day,

Jennifer x

Happy Scatter

New Products at Happy Scatter!

Remember how I didn’t have internet access for months? Well I wasn’t totally idle, as I spent some time designing lots of new items for my Etsy Shop Happy Scatter!

I’ve got 5 new stencils, 5 new wood veneer shape sets, 2 new die cut cards, and 2 sets of die cut shapes (leaves and snowflakes). Read on to find out more, and to find out where you can go for a Happy Scatter giveaway today!

Here’s the stencils. I created some general background stencils and a couple of themed stencils. You can use them as the whole design or just choose individual bits of the pattern to include on your project:

September 2014 New Stencils at Happy Scatter

From top left to bottom right they are the: Deck The Halls Paperchains Stencil, Which Way Arrows Stencil, Lots Of Apples Stencil, Stars Of Wonder Stencil, and Going In Circles Stencil. (Please note the above are computer images of the stencils, see the listings for actual product photos).

Below is a photo of the new wood veneer shape sets, I had so much fun designing all these and thinking how I’d use them on my pages:

September 2014 New Wood Veneer Shapes at Happy Scatter

They are the: Simply Life Wood Shapes, This Way Travel Wood Shapes, Season Of Change Wood Shapes, Wonderland Winter Wood Shapes, and Wreaths and Baubles Wood Shapes. I did have to put the price up on these a teeny bit, by 20p each set, simply because the production cost for getting them laser cut went up a bit!

And last but not least, the Die Cut Card Shapes. I created a couple of 3×4 card sets like last time, but I also made some leaves and snowflakes sets – the largest snowflake and leaf shapes are nearly 6″ tall so they are a lot bigger than they look here:

September 2014 New Die Cut Card Shapes at Happy Scatter

You can find them here: Lots Of Leaves Cardstock Die Cuts, Lots Of Snowflakes Cardstock Die Cuts, Let’s Gather Autumn / Fall 3×4 Cards, and Makes Me Merry Winter / Christmas 3×4 Cards.

If you’d like to see me showing off these a little more, you can check out this video of the new items:


And if you’d like the chance to win a selection pack of the new products, you should head over to the Scrap 365 Blog, where they are giving away this bundle:

Happy Scatter Giveaway at the Scrap365 Blog

But you’ll need to head over there before Friday (the 26th) to check it out and enter to win! While you are there you’ll also see some fantastic examples from Ali Parris showing off some of the previous Happy Scatter items!

What do you think, is there anything that catches your eye? If you have any questions or suggestions for new products please let me know!

Have a great day,

Jennifer x

Scrapbook Layouts

I’m Back! Layouts I’ve Made This Summer

Hello hello!

I’m back at last – we’ve had a new phone line and modem installed so I can use the internet again! Hooray, how I’ve missed it!

I’m going to be blogging regularly again now, but first here’s a few layouts to share which I’ve made over the last couple of months. I haven’t been doing too many scrapbook projects because with out the internet I was low on inspiration, plus it was the summer holidays so I was busy keeping the kids entertained! But I have managed a few pages…

Hello To Just Being Happy:

Hello To Just Being Happy by Jennifer Grace

This page and the next one (Techno Kids) were both made during a lovely evening spent at my friend Sarah’s house. This layout has a lot of Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine on it because I’d just picked it up from her and I couldn’t wait to use it!

I couldn’t decide where to put the title, so Sarah suggested just using the ‘Hello’ word on the background paper, or maybe adding small letter stickers to extend it for a title, and I love how it turned out:

Hello To Just Being Happy by Jennifer Grace

This ‘Life’s A Beach’ card was perfect for me, I love the laid back feeling I get at the beach:

Hello To Just Being Happy by Jennifer Grace

Techno Kids:

Techno Kids by Jennifer Grace

I was really glad to get this photo of my kids absorbed in their Leap-Pad Explorer, because it was the perfect way to document how much childhood has changed from when I was small. My kids are very technology savvy, so I have to be careful that they actually do normal playing, as well as playing computer games and watching tv!

I used lots of different bits from my stash for the above page, but there are a few bits each from the Pink Paislee Hey Kids and the Crate Paper Boys Rule collections.

Splash Zone:

Splash Zone by Jennifer Grace

The photos on my ‘Splash Zone’ page are from last year, but we have just visited the same place (Weymouth Sea Life Centre) again this summer and had lots of fun again. My brother and his wife and kids were visiting at the time, and me and my brother may have had a small waterfight of our own (no kids nearby) – it was flipping freezing!

I made this page whilst playing with some Pilot Frixion Pens, which Pilot sent me to try out and record a video showing how you can erase the pens and re-write with them:


They were fun to use, but I probably wouldn’t use them on scrapbook layouts too much – they suggest they shouldn’t be used for legal documents so I’m guessing the writing you do with them won’t last forever. They’ll be good to use for notes and homework though, and I might use them to try out my journaling on the page, then erase it and write it again with my usual journaling pen!

Well, that’s the layouts I’ve been making (there will be a new Scrap 365 Sketch page coming at the end of next week too).

I will be back in the next few days to show you another project I made this summer: a box frame filled with a fantastical scene – with a man riding a unicycle and wearing a top hat. It is mostly brilliant, and only slightly crazy I assure you!

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer x

Scrapbook Layouts

Scrap 365 July Sketch – Hey Look layout & process video

It’s time for the Scrap 365 July Sketch Challenge! Here’s the sketch (based on artwork by Ali Parris):

Scrap 365 July 2014 Sketch Challenge

This month the fabulous 7 Dots Studio is sponsoring the sketch, one lucky participant will win these goodies:

7 DOTS - Scrap 365 July 2014 Sketch Prize

They’ll be so happy!

7 Dots Studio were also kind enough to send goodies for the sketch team too, I was able to play with the Illumination collection… here’s my page…

Hey Look:

Hey Look by Jennifer Grace for Scrap 365 July 2014 Sketch using 7 Dots Studio Illumination

This captures a moment of my daughter and her friend discovering things together!

Here’s a page process video showing you how I put it together:

(If you like the video please give it a ‘thumbs up’ and subscribe to My You Tube Channel to encourage me to make more videos!)

Here’s some close up shots and a bit about my page choices, in case you aren’t able to watch the video…

I used the ‘Simple Life’ sticker on top of the ‘Laugh’ sticker, because I added the circular one first and then decided I didn’t like how it ‘broke’ the edge of the photo. It was too distracting. Because the ‘Simple Life’ sticker has a straight edge and a paler colour it stopped the photo from looking broken:

Hey Look by Jennifer Grace for July Sketch Detail 1

The ‘Find Happiness In The Little Things’ was a large tag  which I really wanted to use, but I couldn’t work out how to fit it on my page. So I simply cut it to be a square phrase instead:

Hey Look by Jennifer Grace for July Sketch Detail 2

I added a little splash of colour to the top left of the page with some roller stamping and washi tape:

Hey Look by Jennifer Grace for July Sketch Detail 3

What do you think, are you up for a sketch challenge? Don’t forget to check out the Scrap 365 Blog to see the other examples from the DT (and to enter your layout!).

Bye for now, Jennifer x

Disclosure: I received the 7 Dots Studio Illumination kit  for free which helped me write this post but all views are my own.

Scrapbook Layouts

10 Tips in 10 Minutes – Crate Paper Washi Paper

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that my blog has been rather quiet for the last few weeks. Projects that WOW completely consumed my life! I’ve been working very long days, staying up until 3am and getting up at 7am… I have learnt A LOT about how much time it takes to put these things together. I thought I was quite well prepared and had plenty of time to finish off, but everything took at least 3 times longer than I thought it would. Ah well, I know better for next time! Thank you to everyone who took the class, I am very grateful for your support!

Today I want to share a video with you, which has been on the SJ Crafts blog here for a couple of weeks, but I just hadn’t had a spare minute to come and tell you all about it.

It’s the start of a new series I’m going to run – videos sharing 10 tips in 10 minutes. This first one is:

10 tips in 10 minutes with Crate Paper’s The Pier Washi Paper

Though lots of the tips would work with other washi papers or washi tapes too.

I used the washi paper to create this page:

Happy and Sandy

happy and sandy 3 blog

(Supplies include The Pier ‘Sunscreen’ Paper, Summertime Cut Outs, Splash Cut Outs, Label Stickers, Mini Alphas, and Ephemera)

Before the washi paper was added, the page looked like this:


See how it gives it a lift?!

Here’s the video. Sorry the sound isn’t perfect on it but it’s the first ‘proper’ video I’ve made so I was still learning how to do it:

The video does go slightly over ten minutes because of the images I added for the ‘tip’ title pages. I also sped some of the video up – so you can watch ten tips in ten minutes but it might take you a little longer than 10 minutes to actually use all these ideas! Of course you can just choose a tip or two to add quickly to your next project.

I hope you enjoy it – let me know what you think! I used lots of The Pier collection on this page, I’m loving it for all my summery pictures. I will be sharing more The Pier projects soon.

If all goes to plan there will be one of these videos each month. I shall try to post future ones on the 10th of each month, to make it easy to know when they will be here! The next one will be here on the 10th of August, and will be 10 tips with American Crafts WOW glitters. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel if you don’t want to miss future videos! Are there any other videos you’d like to see from me?

I hope you’re having a sunshiny day! See you again soon,

Jennifer x